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YouTube removes DeSantis’ video


According to a YouTube spokeswoman, Elena Hernandez, the video was removed because the content violated its standards about “COVID-19 medical misinformation. Governor Ron DeSantis’s office blasted the decision. The spokeswoman said that the YouTube policies apply to everyone.

The Governor’s video was shot at the state Capitol in Tallahassee. It got removed on Wednesday due to a violation of social media platform standards.

The removal of the video was flagged by the American Institute for Economic Research.

“YouTube has clear policies around Covid-19 medical misinformation to support the health and safety of our users,” Ella Hernandez said in a statement.

The spokeswoman also said, “We removed AIER’s video because it included content that contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities regarding the efficacy of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

Moreover, Ella Hernandez also said YouTube only allows videos “that otherwise violate our policies to remain on the platform if they contain sufficient educational, documentary, scientific or artistic context.”

“Our policies apply to everyone and focus on content regardless of the speaker or channel,” Hernandez said.

Governor Ron DeSantis’s press secretary Cody McCloud called YouTube’s move “another blatant example of Big Tech attempting to silence those who disagree with their woke corporate agenda.”

“YouTube claimed they removed the video because ‘it contradicts the consensus of local and global health authorities,’ yet this roundtable was led by world-renowned doctors and epidemiologists from Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard, all of whom are eminently qualified to speak on the global health crisis,” McCloud said.

“Good public health policy should include a variety of scientific and technical expertise, and YouTube’s decision to remove this video suppresses productive dialogue of these complex issues.”

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University, one of the scientists on the panel, said this “was a policy forum, in which it is appropriate to consider both the benefits and costs of a policy (child masking) when making judgments and recommendations.”

“YouTube’s censorship of our discussion is contrary to American democratic norms of free expression,” the professor said in an email. “It is also a violation of basic standards of scientific conduct, which stand in opposition to unreasoned silencing of contrary views and require the free exchange of ideas.”


Prior, AIER article chief Jeffrey A. Exhaust insisted in an article Wednesday on the research organization’s site that YouTube blue-penciled DeSantis and the researchers and called it “the most recent assault on general wellbeing data.”

Numerous general wellbeing specialists, in any case, have denounced Bhattacharya and different researchers on the board with DeSantis — previous Trump White House Covid consultant Dr. Scott Atlas; disease transmission specialist Sunetra Gupta; and Dr. Martin Kulldorff — of spreading general wellbeing deception. NBC News has likewise connected with Tucker, Atlas, Gupta and Kulldorff for input.

NBC News didn’t see the video before it was taken out. Exhaust initially detailed its evacuation.

Be that as it may, in view of a record given by YouTube, it seems the members crossed paths with the stage’s guidelines when DeSantis found out if youngsters in school ought to be wearing veils and Kulldorff answered,“Uh, children should not wear face masks, no. They don’t need it for their own protection, and they don’t need it for protecting other people either.”

“There’s no scientific rationale or logic to have children wear masks in school,” Atlas said six minutes later.

The World Health Organization recommendations are somewhat looser for more youthful youngsters, however kids over the age of 12 “should wear a mask under the same conditions as adults.”

Every one of the researchers in the video however Atlas is signatories to The Great Barrington Declaration, which was sponsored by AIER and which went against lockdowns and contended that society would fabricate crowd insusceptibility against Covid-19 assuming everything except individuals over age 70 “continue life as ordinary.”

Chart book, who is a radiologist, not a disease transmission specialist, was especially critical of cover wearing to forestall the spread of Covid-19.

Large numbers of the world’s driving researchers reviled The Great Barrington Declaration as a “hazardous fallacy unsupported by logical proof.” And later, at that point President Donald Trump’s CDC boss, Dr. Robert Redfield, was overhead by NBC saying of Atlas, “All that he says is bogus.”

The Trump administration embraced that intuition, as did DeSantis, who was censured by general wellbeing specialists for being slow to close the state down and for returning the state too early. The vast majority of the Covid-19 passings and cases were recorded in Florida after DeSantis visited Trump in the White House last April and rashly, as it ended up, declared victory over the infection.

As of Friday, Florida had revealed in excess of 2 million Covid-19 diseases and almost 35,000 passings since the beginning of the pandemic, agreeing to the most recent NBC News numbers. It likewise has the 10th most elevated Covid-19 contamination rate in the nation, agreeing to Becker’s Hospital Review.

DeSantis in the AIER record concurred with his specialists that lockdowns were inadequate at halting the pandemic, saying “there’s really not a lot of positive to balance it out when you compare the severe lockdown states to other states which weren’t locked down or other countries like Sweden, which had adopted a different approach.”

Sweden initially went against lockdowns but started forcing limitations around a half year prior after the quantity of Covid-19 cases and passings soared, especially in correlation with its Scandinavian neighbors.


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