Face-to-face learning vs virtual learning, a battle rages on

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The battle to keep schools closed and continue with virtual learning is still on rage. Although the students will head back to schools on Friday, the opinion of teachers is quite different. Moreover, the Florida Education Association is in favor of the teachers, and it says that the reopening of the schools is state-violation.

Orange County teacher James says that he will have to leave his job if he is forced to take the class on Friday. He said that he will tell his students that he will not be able to take the class.

Attorneys explained that schools are set to open because a lot of parents want regular face-to-face learning and they are ready to send their children back to school. Teachers can join if they want, and they are not forced to come to schools.

Teachers want to choose the safe side and protect the students and families from the coronavirus. They want to continue online virtual learning.


However, the ruling was not made by the Judge on Wednesday.

More rapid testing and care is need for students and staff, says Orange County School Board Chair Teresa Jacobs.

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