UCF students are seen partying despite covid-19 and putting other students’ life at danger [Video]


Some photos and videos of UCF students are circulating online for not practicing social distancing while throwing a party.

Despite the infection of the President of the United States  and high infection rate throughout the country, the students of the University of Central Florida were acting careless and wasn’t abiding the recommendation given by the CDC and state medical officials.

On 3rd October 2020, an Instagram account named “Zupp” which is a party organizer for students posted some videos and photos where students were seen partying, dancing. There was no personal space or social distancing. These kinds of behaviors are not only dangerous to themselves but also will affect to other students who try to maintain social distancing on Campus.




Currently, Florida is seeing 2500 new infections every day and almost 50-60 people are dying because of COVID-19 infection according to Government database


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