Tricks to Adjust Keyboard Brightness on MacBook Air.


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Apple has made a small but significant change to the MacBook Air keyboard, which coincides with Apple’s switch to silicon processors. Do not interrupt the active line of the MacBook Air keyboard now, there are special keys for the icon and spotlights. The three new keys control the brightness of the active line Launchpad and keyboard. Instead, you should now rely on the new control center at Makos Big Sur to adjust the brightness of the backlight on the keyboard. Removing the launch pad key does not affect most users, but the change in keyboard brightness may be somewhat familiar.

While you are in a dark room or if your office electricity went off, you can further youse your MacBook air for your works by increasing the brightness on your MacBook Air keyboard. This will make your typing easier.

Now let’s consider how to adjust brightness on your MacBook Air keyboard.


Adjust the keyboard brightness on an Intel MacBook Air.

If you are using  a pre-built MacBook Air before the 2020 M1 MacBook Air (when Apple switches to its own Apple Silicon chip), adjusting the brightness of the keyboard manually is really easy.


Press F6 key to increase the brightness and press F5 key to decrease the brightness on you MacBook Air keyboard.


Adjust Keyboard Brightness on an Apple Silicon MacBook Air.

With the introduction of the 2020 MacBook Air with the M1 chip, Apple changed the keyboard design of the MacBook Air. The company has replaced launch pads and keyboard brightness control keys with spotlights, dictation and Do Not Disturb buttons.

How to increase keyboard brightness as keys are missing? Or how do you turn on the keyboard light in your MacBook Air? From the Control Center you can use the keyboard brightness slider. Alternatively, you can install a third-party application to reset the F5 and F6 keys to handle the old keyboard brightness.


Adjust Keyboard Brightness Using the Control Center on Mac.

The most simple way to adjust the brightness on MacBook Air is adjusting through Control Center in macOS macOS Big Sur.

If you often want to change the brightness of your Apple laptop keyboard, doing so through the Control Center may be more work. In that case, you can add a bright menu to your Mac menu bar

Here is the way to follow,

Click on the control center icon on the menu bar.



Click on the Keyboard brightness button in control center.
















Then increase the keyboard brightness by moving the slider forward while you can decrease the brightness by moving the slider backwards.








Get Keyboard Brightness Shortcut Keys Back on M1 MacBook.

While controlling the brightness of the keyboard is good, you may want to use physical keys to control the brightness of the keyboard, especially if you do not find much use for active and unobtrusive on you Mac.


Now you can restore old behavior using a simple application. All you have to do is install the Carabiner Element app. It is a free, open-source and fixed key mapping tool for MacOS. Its default profile automatically replaces the dynamic keys on the keyboard.


Your Mac might show you an error saying ‘System Extension Blocked’. Click on ‘System Preferences’. after visiting Imac menubar.









Then open security and privacy option,Now click on the Lock button to make changes.


















Scan your fingerprint using Touch ID or enter your password to unlock the settings.






From the “Input Monitoring” section, open the checkmark next to the “karabiner_grabber” and “karabiner_observer” options.


Exit from the carabiner element and restart it. Click on ‘Function Keys’ in the top navbar. You will see that it changes F5 and F6 to increase and decrease the illumination of your Mac keyboard.

Now, you can use F5 and F6 to adjust keyboard brightness on your M1 MacBook.




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