Top 5 Fast And Easy Ways To Lock Your Mac.


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“Lock your mac up” this is a must.Out of all the actions you can take to protect your digital privacy, locking a device may be the most basic, but it can certainly be the most cost-effective. Whether you are at school, in the office, or at home, locking your Mac – even if you step on it for a moment – has no brain. Think of all sensitive information in just a few clicks: security codes, worksheets, financial statements, all your social accounts, and more.

Locking up mac is the best way to protect your data inside your mac. There are several ways to lock up your mac as your wish. Lockin up a mac does not quit or interrupt any application running on your Mac or installed on your Mac.First of all you have to set a screen password. So here  have gathered a list of Top 5 Fast And Easy Ways To Lock Your Mac. Without further discussions let’s move into the articles.


Setting up a password for your mac.

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There are many ways to unlock your Mac. Some of these methods actually involve putting your Mac to sleep. However, this does little to protect your Mac if you do not need to re-enter a password. For maximum security, we recommend that you always need a password after putting your Mac to sleep.

To password protect your Mac after you put it to sleep, click on the Apple icon in the top left and select “System Preferences”. Click here for “Security and Privacy”.On the “General” tab, select the box next to “Password required”. Type your password, then click the arrow next to “Require password” to open the drop-down menu. You can choose how long it will take before you need to reset your password. Select “Immediately” to unlock your Mac every time you sleep.If this is not enabled, anyone can access your Mac.


Closing the lid.

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If you work on a MacBook, you can close the lid. This is probably the easiest method, but it only works if you lock the computer “immediately” when you set your password.When you need to open the lid again you have to open it and use the password to re-open it.


Apple menu bar.

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Another simple way to lock your Mac is with the Apple Icon in the menu bar. From the Apple Icon drop-down menu, click on “Lock Screen”.


Keyboard Shortcut.

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There are two keyboard shortcuts that can effectively lock your Mac:Use the control-switch-power to lock your MacBook.Use command-option-power to put your MacBook to sleep. (For older MacBooks with an optical drive, remove the command-options.)Both sleep and lock will deactivate your display, but putting the CPU to a low power mode, turning the hard drive down and stopping background work will save more sleep.

Use hot corners.

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Hot Corners is a feature that allows you to touch a corner of your computer screen with your mouse cursor to activate a command. You can use this feature to lock your Mac.First, click on the Apple icon in the top left and select “System Preferences”.Click “Mission Control”. Click “Hot Corner” in the lower left.From here, select the corners you want to activate the lock screen.

Click on the corner of the box where you want to set the hot corners and select “Lock Screen”. Again, if you need a password to unlock, you can click “Sleep Scene” in the same menu as soon as you put it to sleep.Click “OK” to set the new Hot Corner command. To enable it, place your mouse on the edge of the screen of your choice.


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