Top 5 Best Calculator Apps for iPhone And iPad.


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The iPad doesn’t have any calculator apps yet and Apple’s basic iPhone calculator is a bit … basic. It’s great for solving simple problems, but there are a large number of options in the App Store that offer more features and options. You may even reach the stage of your education where you need the best calculator available.

You can’t carry a calculator everywhere, but you can have one on your iPhone or iPad. Since you may or may not be satisfied with using a given standard calculator, the developers have created some scientific and standard calculators worth trying!

The stock calculator app on your iPhone may be easy to do on a day-to-day basis, but it lacks advanced functionality and features. If you often want to do complex calculations for your business or student, accountant, scientist, etc., it is a good idea to explore other options. Fortunately, there are plenty of great choices to choose from in this Best Calculator app for iPhone and iPad.So, here I have gathered a list of Top 5 Best Calculator Apps for iPhones And iPad.

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Calzy Calculator.

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It’s hard to go wrong with Calzy. This offer is a great calculator app for your iPhone with iPad and Apple Watch. One of the best features of the app is that the memory area allows you to store multiple values ​​to drag back through any session. You can reserve a calculation with the date and time to view at any time.

Another great feature is the ability to write calculations in English and 65 other languages. When you want to switch between a basic and a scientific calculator, you can make the switch by long-clicking on the screen instead of rotating in landscape mode. There are many more buttons that provide a haptic touch for quick access to additional features. This is one of the best calculator apps for your iPhone and iPad.

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Kalkyl Calculator.

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It comes with all the features of the usual iOS calculator and you can pay $ 4.99 a year to get a pro version, which comes with two app icons, money conversion, and much more.

Furthermore, it includes charts and supports haptic touch on compatible devices. You can cancel by shaking your device and repeat if you wish. It supports dynamic mode throughout the app and it looks great so you will like it more than the default calculator on your iPhone. This is one of the best calculator apps for your iPhone and iPad.

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CalConvert Calculator.

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Here is the best advanced scientific calculator app for iPhone and iPad including currency and unit converter. It has a very easy history function that saves all your calculations for future reference. There are 27+ categories and over 600 units to convert for your convenience.

You can also convert 150+ coins. So whether you are traveling abroad, identifying cooking volumes, or solving complex math equations – this app can help you. This is one of the best calculator apps for your iPhone and iPad.

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Tydig Calculator.

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Looking at the offer of interface calculators, you will not be surprised if we tell you that they have not evolved since the 70s. Well, this explains the uniform design of the calculator. We introduced tidying to ensure that this field is also evolving.


It is said to be the most beautiful calculator! Aside from being interactive and having a better UI than most of its leagues, this one has real-time graphing and you don’t even need an internet connection for this! This makes it one of the best calculator apps for iPhone users. This is one of the best calculator apps for your iPhone and iPad.

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Calcbot 2 Calculator.

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It is said to be a more intelligent calculator than solving simple mathematical tasks. You can access scientific consonants without hassle, and saving memory is as easy as fingering. If you often deal with money, you will love this Calculator app.

Also, you can take advantage of its conversions that can deal with 500 units in 22 different categories. If you are looking for the best calculator app for the iPad, you can relax your search and use this app. This is one of the best calculator apps for your iPhone and ipad.

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