Top 20 Cute Polish Girls that will make you fall in love

Top 20 Cute Polish Girls that will make you fall in love 1


Like everyone else said there are attractive and unattractive Polish girls, just like in any country or nationality.

Cute Girl
Cute Polish Girl

What is a bit special in Poland is the sheer diversity of the native population. Due to the location and history of Poland, people with a lot of different backgrounds have flowed through the country, some of them staying and leaving their mark on the population.

As an example, I had two Polish girlfriends. One was a slim natural blonde who looks more Norwegian than anything else. The other was curvy with a darker complexion and curly-ish black hair, quite Middle Eastern-looking to the point locals were automatically talking Turkish and Arabic to her in Turkey and Dubai respectively.

Both were native Polish from generations back and did not know about any foreign background. The blonde joked about being part Jewish due to the surname of one grandparent, It turns out the Jewish name came from an earlier marriage so they were not directly related.



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Polish Beauty



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