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10 Celebrities without makeup and diving into aging pool


Aging is hard, Especially when someone is a celebrity it’s hard for them the most. Getting wrinkles, moles, even darts on their skin. Most of them use makeup to cover their wrinkles, blemish all the things that nature put on them. Age is an eternal dilemma that people especially celebrities understand. Some age better some age worse.

In this article we have curated 10 celebrity images that will show you what they look like without their makeup.

We all know the beautiful Kendall Jenner. She tuned out to be the most beautiful girl. With or without makeup she looks amazing and beautiful.


After dealing with addiction lindsay lohan had some controversy over converting her faith to Islam. but an authentic source said, that was a hoax. After going through multiple rehab centers, Linday Lohan got hit by her age very fast. Here she looks pale and almost unrecognizable.


highschool musical Zac efron turned out to be the bad boy of hollywood. His recent role is Dirty grandpa put him on the light spot again.

Guardian of galaxy Chrispatt used to be a tummy and fluffy guy with his witty jokes. he lost a lot of lb for his role in the marvel action movie guardians of galaxy. He also appeared in Avengers End game.


Lisa Kudrow (phoebe buffay) aged amazingly.



Family guy star mila kunis looks normal as human without her makeup.



here are some honorable mentions too


Angelina Jolie


Eva Longoria

Kristien Stewart

Chandler bing aka mattew Perry



Christiano Ronaldo.

Drew Berrymore


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