Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users.

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Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 1
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Apple computers have always come to the forefront of luxury devices. Take a look at how the Apple Watch uses terminology inexpensive time frames (crown, complications). The weirdness around the company’s high-end Mac personal line is no different. While the format-factor selection is not as extensive as the Windows 10 PC, the Mac line is comparable in its refined hardware to the all-in-one iMac, the sleek MacBook Air, and the upcoming, extremely powerful, and amazingly upgradeable Mac Pro. Apple’s hardware is as smooth as its macOS operating system, and in many cases requires less tinkering and troubleshooting than Windows.

Much of the hardware comes from the same company that makes the OS software. In stark contrast, Windows literally supports a vast range of software, including millions of hardware combinations and legacy programs, and AAA games. Another reason to seriously consider switching to a Mac is if you are an iPhone user. Tie-ins include the ability to reply to computer text messages, make facetime calls, and view notifications.

You can do a lot with Skype which provides a good iPhone app but it does not work with standard SMS from your phone. Staying with all Apple products allows you to easily send videos and audio using AirPlay. Your phone app in Windows 10, which supports sending SMS messages, is well supported on Android phones, but Microsoft has not yet been able to get the same functionality for the iPhone.

If you are a long-time Windows user, you may need to make changes to your computer’s behavior and procedures. People have said that MacOS is smarter than Windows, but if you are used to working with Windows, you will probably find the opposite. For example, there is no start menu, so where do you start? For me, it’s not a big ideal shift, but some furniture has been redesigned and some operations have changed. Here I have gathered a list of Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users.


Minimizing and Maximizing Windows.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 2
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The macOS places these window controllers on the top left of the window rather than the top right and uses colors instead of icons to indicate functionality. It is deliberately based on traffic lights: green full screen, yellow minimization, and red close window. However, Windows users may think that tapping the same green icon to reduce the size of a full-screen window is the opposite, but so is McLand. Note that closing all windows in an app does not close the app: it may hit the red circle on all your Safari windows and the Safari menu will remain in the top menu, something that Windows users can be confused with.


Where is the Control Panel?

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 3
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Control Panel in Windows is the system preference for Mac. It’s quite simple with a lot of hidden things to explore, for example, open System Preferences> General, then you’ll find the toggle to move between light and dark mode, permanent app scroll bar, and more. Warn them to avoid any items that you do not understand at least until you check them out.


Not the Taskbar, It is the Dock.

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You will see a row of icons similar to the Windows taskbar at the bottom of your Mac screen. Of course, it works the same way – with some major changes. The pool is divided into two main sections. It’s mostly dedicated to applications and system utility shortcuts on its left side. On the right, past a thin line, are the document icons. When you download a file, it usually appears in the last area, and clicking on its icon creates an arc of other previously downloaded file icons.

As in Windows, just click and hold on the dock icon to get a few options for the app it represents (or right-click, even if it’s a hint unfamiliar to Mac users). You don’t get things like jump lists or previews, but one thing I like about Doc is its zoom option, which magnifies the icons and keeps you hovering over them.


Know the Finder well.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 5
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The Finder is no different than the Windows File Browser. One difference, however, is that the folder tree does not show you the way the main left-hand pane windows do, and in fact, the items on this left panel do not match everything in your drive – they are just shortcuts, or favorites. You can see the folder hierarchy in the main, center panel of the list view. In favor of that, Finder offers tabs for those who think they are useful. It also offers a column view and a slide show for files. The searcher allows you to organize files by color code and keyword tags.


The Notification Center.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 6
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Like Windows 10’s Action Center, Mac’s Notification Center is a good helper and organizer. Unlike Windows Activity Center, unfortunately, it does not provide quick control over things like brightness and connectivity. However, it does offer a tab today that shows your weather and schedule. On that tab, you can switch to the Do Not Disturb mode to stop the notification. If you have an iPhone, it lets you send text messages and iMessages from your computer. You can also see email and system notifications.


The assistant Siri.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 7
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Siri on your Mac Is an intelligent personal assistant coming up to help you with various tasks and rescuing you from various problems arising when you are using your Mac. With time apple started to use Siri with its many products. iPhone and iPad were its sole domain. Then it directly inserted into Apple Watch and Apple Tv. Fortunately, now Siri is on Mac, We can do few cool things with Siri on our mac.

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The Spotlight.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 8

Spotlight is one of the great tools you have on your Mac. It allows you to quickly and easily search any file you want on your machine. If you have been using it for some time, you may be familiar with some of its features. It seems that some of the advanced features of the tool as well as many users and sites are not talked about. These features make the tool more useful and allow you to do more than just perform basic file search functions on the tool.

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Get to know the Safari.

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For most Mac owners, Safari is the gateway to the World Wide Web. Because it is the app you use the most, knowing the tips, tricks, and new features is the best way to get the most out of it. Safari has no extension libraries in Chrome.If you are a Mac user, your browser may be Safari. It’s important to know what Safari has to offer, as each browser has its own set of features. Like most apps, the features in order are not obvious. So to help you get the most out of your Safari experience.

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Learn Trackpad Gestures.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 9
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There’s a good chance you’ll become a convertible Mac MacBook, have that big, awesome trackpad, and even if you use a desktop you can get a separate Apple Magic Trackpad 2. To get around your MacBook and get it to do what you want, learning the most common trackpad gestures is a good idea. The number of fingers used is the key to the Mac gesture. You can view videos of gestures in the Apple menu> System Preferences> Trackpad by clicking the cursor above the gesture details.

Touch Bar.

Top 10 macOS Tips and tricks for Windows Users. 10

If you’re lucky enough to get one of the Apple PC models that play touch bar, it’s worth knowing about that input option. Of course, in Windows, you can get your full screen support touch input. The Mac Touch Bar interface varies depending on the application or system activity you are using. When using a web browser, it provides buttons for your favorite websites.


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