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Top 10 iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know


Top 10 iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know 1
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Whether you have been with Apple since the beginning or you are connected to the team iPhone, you have no problem using your device. One of the best features of the iPhone is that it is incredibly easy to grasp. From simple configurations to bold, clear icons and easy-to-use operating systems, the iPhone is popular among experienced smartphone and technology novices.

In a matter of seconds you can turn up the music app and send messages as easily as ABC, and organizing your apps takes a few taps and swipes. But did you know that there are a lot of small technologies and tricks hidden in your iPhone? With every iOS update Apple releases, you’ll usually find a lot of subtle changes, shortcuts, and enhancements that you may not be aware of.

Your iPhone is nothing less than a magical device that can perform hundreds of functions and replace many everyday tools. But even the most avid iPhone users are unaware of its many features and fail to use it to its full potential. So here I have gathered a list of Top 10 iPhone Tips & Tricks You Should Know.


Use iPhone as a magnifying glass.

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The number of different tools that can tune your iPhone, including a magnifying glass, is amazing. It can be a very useful feature for those who find it difficult to read a good text (or to find hidden clues while searching for treasure) and long-term vision. To tune your iPhone to a magnifying glass: Go to Settings> Accessibility> Zoom Toggle on the magnifier. From here, when you click the Home button three times, your iPhone camera turns into a magnifying glass and your screen into a display indicator.


Switch to Dark Mode.

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iPhone users have been asking for the dark mode for a long time and it is finally here. If you’re not familiar with Dark Mode, don’t worry, it’s not as dangerous as you think. It turns the bright white background of your iPhone into dark gray/black. In the evening it is easy on your eyes, but you can keep it all day because it feels cool. I definitely do. Go to settings to enable dark mode, then display and brightness and you will find its dark mode setting.


Virtual tape measure.

By = 9To5mac

Surprisingly, you can use your iPhone to measure objects. You can get all kinds of object dimensions by opening Apple’s Measure app and pointing it at your phone.


Update all apps in one click.

By = TheiPhoneFaq

iOS tries to keep all your apps up to date, but it doesn’t happen instantly. It can sometimes take hours or days for iOS to update your apps in bulk. To prevent this, you can manually upgrade all the apps on your iPhone manually. Here’s how to do it, Launch the App Store Click on your ghost in the upper right corner to go to your account In your account, push down once to refresh it Click “Update All” under “Upcoming Automatic Updates” to update all your apps at one click.


Scan QR Code with the Camera app.

By = MacRumors

Although this feature has been around for a long time, some iPhone users are still unaware that their phone’s camera can detect and scan a QR code. To use this function, point your phone’s camera to a QR code, which will be converted to the corresponding URL. The camera will then ask if you want to open the URL in Safari.



Skip calls with Remind Me Later.

By = iPhoneLife.com

Alternatively, you can get iOS to remind you to call back later. Like the automatic answer, how you do this depends on your iOS version: most likely, you tap the Remind me button at the top of the slide, but in previous versions, you had to swipe up before you could select Remind me later. In an hour, you can choose to remind yourself of ‘when I leave’ or (when applicable) ‘when I get home’. Make sure your address information is kept up-to-date on contacts so they know where your iPhone is at home. The times are based on your GPS movements.


Customize the Control Centre.

By = LifeWire

It took a long time to arrive, but in iOS 11 Apple finally allowed us to customize the toggles and options in the Control Center. Customize Settings> Control Center> Control. The controller that appears under the entry heading is listed above; Tap the red us sign to remove one, or drag around and tap to change order


Save battery with Low Power Mode.

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Every time your iPhone drops below 20 percent power, you will receive a message warning you about this and starting the low power mode. But you can use this convenient mode whenever you want to keep your battery for a while longer. Switch to low power mode by tapping Settings> Battery> Low Power Wall. Low power mode Reduces power consumption by disabling a number of iPhone features.


Use iPhone as a level.

By = LifeWire.com

Most iPhone users do not know how easy this little device is in everyday tasks. If you have a picture hanging on the wall and it does not have a level, get help from your iPhone with a pre-installed virtual soul level. Here’s how to access it: Open the Measurement app Tap the lower right level. Flatten your phone against the surface you want to level, If you tap the screen, you can measure the difference between the two surfaces. The red margin shows how different the two angles are.

Take photos while shooting videos.

By = LifeWire.com

You use your iPhone to capture a magical moment, and you can take a photo at once. Do not stop recording! When you are filming, tap the camera button that appears on the screen in addition to the shutter button. You do not use the actual photo sensor on the iPhone.Instead, you get a slightly less attractive video sensor. But the photos still have to turn out beautifully.


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