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Top 10 Best Handy Ways To Use Your Mac and iPhone Together.


Top 10 Best Handy Ways To Use Your Mac and iPhone Together. 1
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Apple (mac and iphone) has a definite tendency to work well with its devices before diverting attention to things like Android or Windows, and over the years the iPhone and Mac have built a strong understanding. You will not appreciate the different ways they can work together without interruption Here is what you need to know.

Not all of these features have always worked well, but over time, Apple has managed to bring them to a respectable level of intelligence and stability. All you need to get started is an iPhone running iOS 11 and macOS Hi Sierra running Mac 2012 or later with the same credentials signed in to the same iCloud account.

Have Macs and iPhones? These apps, features, and tips allow you to use them in an amazing way! macOS and iOS work well. If both your desktop and phone come from Apple, there are many useful functions at your fingertips. Let’s explore the Top 10 Handy Ways To Use Your Mac and iPhone Together.


Universal clipboard.

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The Universal Clipboard is just like that: copy and paste that works on your iPhone and Mac. You can use the copy command, as usual, then return to your other device with the paste command, but Apple warns users to “paste the copied content onto your other device only for a short time”.

So, have an email on your MacBook. Highlight text, edit, and copy (or press Cmd + C), then switch to your iPhone in an app like Notes. Tap on the screen to bring up the popup menu, select Paste, then your text should appear. It also works in the other direction, of course, with images.This is one of the best way to use iphone and mac together.

Texting and calling on the Mac.

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Like the iPhone, the Mac can do twice as much as my phone, thanks to the messaging and FaceTime apps. Whether I handle an incoming call or send a text message, it doesn’t matter if my iPhone is on the same network.

Microsoft is trying to include a similar feature, and the company has unveiled a new tool to handle texting on your phone via Windows 10 at its Build conference. Since integration with iOS devices is as seamless as Android devices, it is not surprising that the company has not shown the feature that works on the iPhone.This is one of the best way to use iphone and mac together.

Resume Tasks.

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As long as you have the settings listed above, you can stop working on one device and restart it on another. For example, you can start typing notes on your iPhone and finish it on notes on your Mac. The active Notes app on your phone gets a special icon in Mac’s pool on the left.

Click on that doc icon to restart the note re-typing. To expose this screen, double-click the Home button on your phone. This Apple feature works with a variety of applications, including Handoff, Mail, Safari, Reminders, and Pages.This is one of the best way to use iphone and mac together.


Drop Files, Webpages, and More.

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To share files between your Mac and iPhone, you can use AirDrop, a file-sharing utility developed by Apple for desktop and mobile devices. Once you enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both devices and make sure you can find them, sharing is easy.

To start sharing, select the Share> AirDrop option from the context menu of the file or folder you want to send from your Mac to your iPhone. In the Sharing dialog section, select the destination device. If you are moving files in the other direction, first select the ones you want to send. Then tap the Share button to reveal the AirDrop option in the sharing menu.This is one of the best way to use iphone and mac together.


Play Music, Movies, and TV Shows.

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You can play audio from your iPhone on your Mac with a lightning-fast USB cable. But if you want to transport content wirelessly from your Mac and iPhone, you can use Apple’s AirPlay feature. Capture means that no device can act as an AirPlay receiver. But an Apple TV can. It starts at $ 149.

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Automatic photo syncing.

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Speaking of how difficult it can be for a Mac, I’m surprised that Google Photos (a platform-anonymous service I started using as an alternative to the iCloud photo library) does not have a native Windows application.


When I was on my Mac, the pictures taken on my phone were simply displayed in the Photos app. Now, open a web browser and browse to photos.google.com and wait for the images to load remotely. That’s not the biggest difference, but that extra break is definitely annoying.This is one of the best way to use iphone and mac together.

Continuity Camera.

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The currently available continuous camera for testing in the general beta of the macOS Moza is based on the fact that your MacBook webcam has none of the cameras on your iPhone and iPad. All you have to do is activate the feature from an app (right-click and select Take Photos under your device).

Then, the camera on your phone or tablet will open and the photo you take will be imported into your Mac app. Integrity The camera is currently largely confined to Apple products (such as notes and pages), but we are thrilled that this feature is coming to more apps.This is one of the best way to use iphone and mac together.


Unlock Your Mac Using Your iPhone.

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If you have the latest MacBook, you can easily unlock your computer using Touch ID. Older models do not need to add Touch ID to their machines, but a free iOS and Mac app can give you a good program. With Proximity Lock, you can not only use your phone’s touch ID to unlock your Mac, but it will also automatically lock your computer when you leave your screen.

You can unlock mac using iphone , Here is the procedure. Download the Mac app to your computer and the iOS app to your phone. First open the iOS app on your phone and give access to your phone’s Bluetooth settings. When the iOS app starts scanning for nearby devices, open the Mac app on your computer. You will see a message saying that your iPhone needs to be connected. Click Accept. Go back to your iPhone and select a password for your app and click Connect.

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Apple Pay via Touch ID or Face ID.

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While MacBook Pros owners with touch bars use the touch ID sensor to verify their identities for Apple paid purchases, others are not in the dark. As long as you have an iPhone with a Touch ID (or Apple Watch) you can easily check in with Apple Pay.

As long as you use Safari as a web browser, you will see Apple Pay as a payment method on exit. By selecting this payment method, the iPhone will receive a verification message asking you to use Touch ID or Face ID (on the iPhone X) to complete the transaction.


Instant hotspot.

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Making your iPhone a mobile hotspot for your laptop is fine, but Apple makes it one step better. From the moment you activate your Hotspot mode, it will automatically give you access to any MacBook you have signed in under the same Apple ID.








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