Top 10 Cool Spotlight Tips and Tricks for Mac.


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The spotlight first appeared on Mac more than a decade ago and is still one of MacOS’s most popular features. What started out as a humble file search tool has now matured with tons of features in its glove. With every major macOS release, Apple adds new features to Spotlight, so it’s easy to lose count of all the features. So, today I will tell you about all the cool things you can do with Spotlight on Mac.



Spotlight is one of the great tools you have on your Mac. It allows you to quickly and easily search any file you want on your machine. If you have been using it for some time, you may be familiar with some of its features. It seems that some of the advanced features of the tool as well as many users and sites are not talked about. These features make the tool more useful and allow you to do more than just perform basic file search functions on the tool.


Instant answers in spotlight.

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So far we have seen how different search operators use it to search your files like pro. But Spotlight is more than just a file indexing engine. In this section, we will look at how you can get instant answers to some queries. Please note that Spotlight Search must also be active on most iOS devices.


Unit conversion using spotlight.

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In addition to being a useful money converter, the Spotlight can be doubled as a super cute unit converter. So, the next time you want to convert units like weight, kilometers, temperature, etc., do not look for anything more than this built-in search tool to give you a quick answer. For example, you can enter a spotlight from 450 miles to get a certain number of miles.

Launch apps with spotlight.

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If you can’t find an app in the dock or launchpad, you can use the macOS Spotlight to find any apps installed on your Mac. Bring up the spotlight, type in the application name, and it will appear. This is an interesting help you can get using the spotlight on your mac.


Use natural language.

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If you feel that not all search and boolean operators are technical enough to use you, there is good news. It basically means that you can now search as if you were having a natural conversation with a real person. Instead of using all those confusing search engineers, here’s how you can use Spotlight to know the weather in Cupertino.


Using spotlight as a dictionary.

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You do not need to open a dictionary to see a word built into the Makos Spotlight. Type the definition after the word you are looking for meaning, it will show the definition. You can search for any word that is part of the dictionary.


Resize or Move Around the Spotlight Window.

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Apple has finally introduced the option to resize L Capitan’s Spotlight window. To resize the Spotlight window, drag the cursor over the bottom edge of the Spotlight window. However, you can only increase the height of the window and you can not make it smaller than the default size. Also, you can drag the window anywhere you want and set its desired position.



Show Result from Selected Categories Only.

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As you already know, Spotlight displays suggestions from a large number of local sources, including documents, contacts, and online sources such as email and the web. If you only want to search specific sources, you can. Open Spotlight Type “SP” to open system preferences and click on Spotlight. You will see a list of categories that Spotlight is looking for. Feel free to check the box corresponding to the category where you do not want to search for spotlights. In previous editions of macOS, we could prioritize these categories so that you can see which categories are most important to you. Unfortunately, Apple seems to have removed this feature.


Clear The Search Query.

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One of Spotlight’s habits is to show the results you previously searched for when you opened it, even if it was closed when you last used it. The easiest way to remove that search and return results is to press the Esc key. It allows you to enter a new query.


Switch from Spotlight to Google.

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If you want to remove Spotlight from Google for a specific search, you can easily do so. Press Command-B to open a new tab in your default browser using your default search engine.

Track Live Flights.

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This is one of the best specifications you can experience using the spotlight on our mac. With the feature Live flight tracking, You can find any flight by just entering the flight number. So this is a big advantage you can have via the spotlight on your mac.


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