Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users.

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The basic usage of note-taking applications varies from person to person. Some people use it to take casual notes while others put every idea into the recording app. Energy users consider the note-taking app to be the second brain. Developing a solution that is tailored to each type of user is a challenge for companies. When it comes to Apple users, people prefer to connect with the usual Apple Notes app.

While Mac’s note app may seem basic at first glance, the Note app is full of hints and tricks at a closer look. Apple adds new features to the default notes app. With the macOS 11 Big Sur, it gets a nice UI redesign and new features. Finally, the Mac Store is ready to take its third-party options.

If you rely on Apple’s notes app to record ideas or keep your busy life in line with your priorities, the following tips can boost your productivity. They can also help you customize the app according to your workflow. So here I have gathered a list of Top 10 Best Apple Notes for Mac Users.



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Apple Notes allow you to protect sensitive information from others. You can password protect any note using the lock option in the note. Open the note with confidential information and tap on the lock icon at the top. Apple will ask you to set a password for the note. You can use Touch ID (on the new mac) or password to open it the next time you try to view it.


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There are times when you find interesting reading on the web. Many note-taking apps, such as Evernote and Notion, provide a dedicated Chrome extension for clipping web content. There is no such functionality in Apple notes. You get integrated with the simple sections menu on the Mac Safari browser. While browsing the web you can tap the share button and add the article to the Apple Notes app.



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The Mac offers a convenient pin note feature for pasting notes on top of notes. Right-click on any note, and use the pin notes function, Apple notes will be placed at the top of the note. You will see a separate pinned section at the top for easy access. You can delete a note at any time using the same tactic.


Add Notes With Siri.

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Siri on your Mac Is an intelligent personal assistant coming up to help you with various tasks and rescuing you from various problems arising when you are using your Mac. With time apple started to use Siri with its many products. You can also add notes using Siri. You have to ask Siri to add the note you need.

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Do you often have to work late into the night to create notes for meetings or presentations? If yes, your eyes will get very tired and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Click on the Apple logo from the left corner Click on System System Preferences Click on General Normal Click on Dark Look on Dark.




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There is no easy way to change the font color of Apple notes. You can select paragraphs and right-click (if you use a mouse) or double-click on the trackpad to open the floating menu. Go to Fonts> Color Show, then it will open the color wheel to select the most suitable color.


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By default, every note in Apple Notes syncs to the iCloud platform. The problem is, iCloud only gives 5GB of space to get started. Filling in the blanks with photos, videos, iPhone backups and more is quite easy. In such cases, you can always store notes on the device. Tap the note name in the menu bar and open the preferences. Enable the ‘On My Mac’ option to store notes on Mac.



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Taking a page from the iOS 14 notebook, the macOS Big Sur offers redesigned widgets in a variety of sizes. Open the widget menu and tap Edit Widget at the bottom. It will open the widget menu. Select the Note widget size, look at the preview and drag it to the main menu. From here, you can access the recently added notes from the widget.



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Mac’s Apple note sharing options are limited compared to rivals. However, if the recipient is already a Mac or iPhone user, you can share notes without interruption using their Apple ID. Open the note you want to share and tap on the profile icon in the toolbar. Add the recipient’s Apple ID and allow editing or viewing.


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After creating a long note, you need to convert it to PDF so that it is more portable. All you have to do is click on the file and select PDF as the export note. Next, enter the name, add the appropriate tag and select the desired location. Click the Save button, and you’re ready to go!


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