The best ways to keep track of birthdays on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2021.


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You can use your iPhone to keep birthdays notes, but it’s also helpful to remember that a client or colleague has a birthday. Sending a quick email to say happy birthday and asking what’s new is a good way to stay in touch with former clients and others you haven’t seen in a while.

The iPhone Birthday is stored in a special field in the Contacts app and you may not know it and the Calendar app shows birthdays. It’s always fun when someone remembers your birthday. Facebook has a handy feature to let you know when your friend has a birthday. But not everyone uses Facebook.

Here are some of The best ways to keep track of birthdays on iPhone, iPad, and Mac in 2021. Then be sure to grab that birthday card or give a phone call to someone special to say “Happy Birthday”. Finally, u and them both will be happy.


Show birthdays in Contacts.

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When creating a new contact on your device, you can add a birthday even if you use the contact app or some other method. So if you know the birthday of that person, you can add it to their contact card.

First, you need to add the date of birth. Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner for existing contact access in your Contacts app. If you are creating a new connection, you are already in edit mode. Scroll down to find the “Add Field” button next to a green plus. Tap that button, and you will see a list of additional fields; Scroll down and tap it until you see the birthday. That’s it. Now you have a birthday associated with that connection, and you will see the birthday every time you view the connection on your iPhone.


Show birthdays on Calender.

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You need to activate that calendar to view birthdays in the calendar app. Tap the “Calendars” button in the upper left corner of the screen to select your birthday calendar in addition to your regular calendar. If you want to check the upcoming birthdays, go back to the calendar list and select only the birthday calendar.


You can always decide if you want to display the birthday calendar in addition to your regular calendar or only if you want to display the birthday You activate that calendar manually. One small disadvantage of displaying multiple calendars at once is that the iPhone puts a dot to the left of each entry, in color, to indicate which calendar it comes from. This is useful, but it saves a little less space for displaying the text of your calendar entries … usually, you do not see a single letter of the case.

I was talking about the built calendar app for iOS. If you want a third-party calendar app for all your reminders, I suggest the Fantastical calendar.

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Use a birthday reminders app.

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A birthday reminder app is a great way to keep all birthday notes; It doesn’t matter who they are. One such app is Birthday Reminder and Countdown. It allows you to stay in touch with your contacts, so you cover for birthdays you have already entered. Plus, you can add other people who are not in your contacts, get reminders, view a date count, and use an easy home screen widget. So I suggest you the  Birthday Book application to track down your reminders easily and fastly. By using a reminder app as I mentioned above you can remind your tasks, Birthdays easily, And there will be no obstacles and you will be happy.




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