Cuban-Americans protest in Washington and want Joe Biden to do more to pressure the regime

Miami news - Cuban-American protestors want Biden to Pressure

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Miami, Fl. – Thousand Cuban-American protesters in Washington protest in front of White House and want President Joe Biden to do more to pressure the regime.

Thousands of anti-regime protesters gathered outside the White House on Sunday and stayed overnight until Monday to pressure Joe Biden to address socialist Miguel Diaz-Canel’s actions against the Cuban people.

The group stayed at night for planned candlelight at midnight to mark the 26th of July Movement, a Cuban national holiday commemorating the 1953 attack when Fidel Castro made his first attempt to overthrow the then Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. 

“I’m 27 and I never thought I’d live to see something like this,” said Perez, a Hialeah resident who moved to the United States from Cuba seven years ago. “We need to make sure there’s pressure for people who didn’t have to go through what I went through to know what’s going on in Cuba.”

Miami Republican Representative Maria Elvira Salazar joined by candle and cellphone light vigil Sunday night. More elected officials are expected to join the protests on Monday.

More people arrived in DC in the early hours of Monday and immediately went to the White House to join the protest.

An 18-wheeler with “S.O.S. Cuba” spray-painted on its trailer did laps around the White House honking its horn, and the crowd on Monday morning swelled to a few thousand people.

More and more people are moving to Washington to support Cuban-American protesters.

Everyone is waiting to see how President Joe Biden reacts to this. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Central Florida Law Makers react as Rep.Green was voted off committees

Central Florida Law Makers react as Rep.Green was voted off committees 1

FLORIDA- Rep.Majorie Taylor Green was spotted walking back to her office post speaking on the floor of the House on Capitol Hill Chamber in Washington. Green was elected off the Educational and Labor Budget committees on Thursday.

According to the reports of the Associated Press, Green who served since the 230-199 vote was removed from the committees upon Democrats labeling her as spreading conspiracy theories.

The lawmakers of Central Florida voted against the party line with the following reactions.

Rep. Daniel Webster said that he “absolutely does not approve the speech he hears whether it is pro-socialist or Anti-American values or Anti-Semitic language or ridiculous and false conspiracy theories.” He also added that he does not believe in personal attacks and believes that everyone should be treated with respect and kindness.

In his statement, he also mentioned that this is an act of  Partisan politics and that the Democrats have refused their colleagues who are serving on committees to be held accountable despite their anti-Semitic speeches encouraging violence against other public officials. Instead, they chose to strip a Republican member of Congress of her Committee memberships for comments made while she was a private citizen.

Rep. Darren Soto said “No member of Congress who urges violence against other members spreads antisemitism and denied Parkland FL, Newtown and 9/11 attacks occurred, deserves a seat on the Education and Labor Committee, or any committee for that matter. For these reasons, I voted yes.”

Rep. Stephanie Murphy said that she supported the effort of removing Green as her actions were beyond the pale. She also added that the young survivor of the Parkland school shooting being harassed and the belief of Parkland and Sandy Hook massacres being stages led to her voting decision.