Pulse Nightclub Shooting, 4 years passed

Pulse NightClub

4 years passed since the Pulse nightclub shooting

On Friday 12 June 2020, many people gathered at the site of shooting to pay respect to the victims of Orlando, Pulse nightclub. The unfortunate event took place exactly 4 years ago, at the same place which took the lives of around 49 people.

Having said that, many people were witnessed attending the site of the shooting, which now is an interim memorial, but there were many others as well who paid the tribute and attended the memorial online, at youtube which was organized by OnePulse Foundation.


Pulse nightclub

The only reason why lots of people could not attend the memorial physically was because of the guidelines of social distancing. In this prevalent situation, it was better to attend the memorial and pay tribute through online networks and virtually rather than being there physically. The OnePulse Board Chairmen Earl Crittenden having stated:

“Wile our preference would have been to be with our pulse family and the community today in person at the Pulse Interim Memorial, that is simply not possible becasue of the current COVID spread and our social disntacing guidlines” 

In the Online ceremony, the family members of the 49 victims who lost their life due to the brutal shooting at the Pulse Nightclub, were also witnessed. Moreover, the survivors of the shooting were also present to comfort each other.

We hope that such events may never happen again, and peace and prosperity must always prevail.