Disney, Universal hit capacity over Labor Day weekend since the pandemic began


Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World hit limited capacity at all their parks on the same day since the pandemic began.

All parks hit limited capacity Saturday, Disney’s online Park Pass reservation system as well as Universal Orlando’s online ticket system, revealed this information. The limited capacity of both parks is not clear.

Disney passholder Patrick Amato preferred to soak in the sights along International Drive this Labor Day weekend, as best he can. “I wouldn’t say it’s as festive as it’s been in the past,” he said. “We can’t go out to the bar, can’t go anywhere tonight for the most part. Kind of restricted, but still coming out and having a good time during the day.”

Disney executive George Kalogridis said the company was considering reopening its the United States parks with 20% to 30% capacity. In order to enter one of the Florida theme parks, guests need a reservation in advance on top of their ticket.

Dr. Duncan Dickson is a retired UCF professor who specializes in theme park management. “When there’s no attendance, there’s no need for workers,” he said. “It’s a sad state of affairs.”

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Florida governor supports Disney, Universal, and state amusement parks easing COVID-19 capacity limits


Florida governor supports Disney, Universal, and state amusement parks easing COVID-19 capacity limits


Florida state amusement parks ought to be permitted to begin permitting more guests, as indicated by Gov. Ron DeSantis. DeSantis said Wednesday that Florida is getting more “comfortable” with extending limit at its amusement parks, including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, and will uphold those parks in the backing off of COVID-19 capacity limitations as cases in the state appear to be declining.

DeSantis offered his comments at a roundtable with an amusement park executive in Orlando, commending their wellbeing and safety measures and asserting that the parks have not been problem areas for spreading the coronavirus.

He also additionally said he believed “a lot” more visitors would visit the parks if limit guidelines were loose.

“We think that the capacity can be increased,” DeSantis said. “When you have the protocols that they have in place, you know, we’re very comfortable at the state level.”

Florida significant amusement parks — Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World — have been pursuing at decreased limit resuming after coronavirus shutdowns. Parkgoers at Disney World, for instance, need a booking to get into the amusement park, and can’t jump around to others without one.


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The Universal Orlando lays off a number of employees in the mid of COVID-19 pandemic

 Number of employees laid off by the Universal Orlando amid COVID-19

The Universal Orlando

After getting reopened just two weeks ago, on Tuesday the Universal Orlando laid off a number of employees and workers. The total number of employees who have been laid off are not disclosed yet. According to the reports, the employees which have been laid off belong to different departments, and as said before, the number of employees and their departments has not been disclosed yet.

Tom Schroder who is the spokesman of the Universal Orlando, has stated regarding the issue that:

“We have made the difficult decision to reduce our parks and resorts workforce across multiple locations and business units. This decision was not made lightly, but was necessary to prepare us for the future.”

The Universal Orlando has laid off the employees, however, they have told that they would support the laid-off employees through subsidized health benefits, severance pay, and the professional reemployment assistance.

The Schroder has further stated that:

“We are working to structure and strengthen our business for the future in anticipation of the tourism industry taking time to fully recover.”

Universal Orlando

When the Universal Orlando theme park got closed due to the pandemic COVID-19 in the mid of March, the theme park division experienced almost 32 percent of the loss of revenue. It was not just that, but the closure of the theme park delayed the construction on new Epic Universe Theme Park which is expected to open in 2023.

Due to the loss of revenue, the Universal Orlando theme parks decided in April to grant leaves to the part-time workers and cut the executive pay.

On 14th May, the Universal Orlando theme park reopened its City Walk Complex with a limited number of businesses to operate. And after receiving the permission of the State and local authorities, they decided to reopen the theme park on June 5. However, they only allowed a limited number of capacity and gave assurance to enforce all safety measures required to contain the virus.

Tom Schroder has given another statement that:

“We continue to have long term confidence in our business and our industry and remain excited about all of the project we have been working toward.”

There are various other projects underway by the Universal Orlando theme parks which are not even announced yet.


For more details about the Universal Orlando, visit https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us

NO.1: Universal Orlando under fire after being accused of lack of social distancing measures

Universal Orlando

No social distancing measures being followed at Universal Orlando

After the Covid-19 pandemic forced all the theme parks in the country to get closed in March, it was decided later on to reopen them in June. Before they were allowed to get reopened, it was discussed with them to impose strict measures such as social distancing in order to curb the spread of the prevalent virus. Universal Orlando theme park is one of the most prominent theme park in the city of Orlando, which initially made sure that all the measures are rightly imposed. However, recently there was information regarding the theme park that they are now not imposing any social distancing measures, and lacking a bit of strictness.

There is an account on twitter with the name of Universal parks news today. They on twitter stated that:

“All of the social distancing markers near the load area at Hagrid’s are gone. There’s also a Team Member yelling “fill in all the available space”…

The account on twitter shared a video of the incident as well, which clearly pictures the situation.

People were having different opinions regarding the Universal Orlando theme park’s management and the enforcement of social distancing measures. A group was bashing the management for the lack of serious measures which were not in action, while the other group was busy defending the park as they said they had visited the theme park and were satisfied with the social distancing measures being enforced strictly.

In response to the above tweet, the Universal Orlando theme park tweeted:

“Due to our efficient loading process at moving belt loading attractions like Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure guests are constantly moving through our queue prior to loading.”

In order to not get closed again, the theme park must assure that no new problems occur again, especially regarding the issue of social distancing, as spread of the virus can be fatal. Moreover, the people themselves should care about their health and should make sure they are maintaining a certain distance with others and wearing masks.

If these problems do occur again and on regular basis, it may become possible that the theme parks may get close for a long period of time. So to avoid this mishap, the management should make sure everything is being enforced correctly and there is no stone unturned.


Universal Orlando



To follow more updates regarding Univeral Orlando, visit their official site: https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us

Universal Orlando: Jam Packed crowd at Volcano Bay, no social distancing Amid COVID-19

Universal Orlando
Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando

People did not maintain social distancing at Universal Orlando Volcano Bay

Recently, the theme parks reopened after getting closed in March 2020, due to the pandemic Covid-19. They were closed so that people stay in their homes and avoid getting outside, basically to practice social distancing. When the theme parks around the globe and particularly in Orlando were about to reopen, it was said that special measures would be taken to avoid any contact and to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. However, a photo was released which indicated that in Universal Orlando’s Volcano Bay people are not maintaining social distancing. It was seen that the crowd was standing together, maybe to exit the theme park.

The photo was taken by Josh Young, who is a theme park writer. He told that it was an uncomfortable situation for him and other guests. In addition to this, Young stated:

“The ramp which you saw pictures of, leading up to the busus on the other level had no social distancing markers.”

Moreover, he said:

“There was a barrage of atleast 40 employees that just passed by us constantly while we were waiting for buses. They apparently have their own seperate bus. They were pushing pass because they didn’t want to wait, encroaching into our space even more”. 

Universal Orlando

Looking at the situation the state representative Anna Eskamani on twitter inquired about it, and Universal Orlando responded:

“We were quickly made aware of this concern yesterday and our team at Volcano Bay was able to resolve the situation swiftly. We have also put processes in place to ensure this does not occur again.”

It is important for everyone to practice social distancing and avoid contact as it may increase the transmission of the virus. Overall, it was said that the theme park had good management regarding the measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19, however, there is still a certain need for improvement.