Top 6 Secret Tricks and Tips Inside iOS 12.

Top 6 Secret Tricks and Tips Inside iOS 12. 1
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Both Apple set and follows trends, and iOS 12, released at the WWDC on June 12, is no exception. With this release, Apple is focusing on improving and enhancing performance even for older devices. The company is making significant changes to improve reality so that new experiences can be gained; Improving Siri, FaceTime, and Photo app; Add new features like personalized memories and screen time features to manage how you use your device.

iOS 12 is a free update for all users and will support every device running iOS 11 until it returns to the iPhone 5s, which was released in 2013. Here I have gathered a list of Top 6 Secret Tricks and Tips Inside iOS 12.

Features automation tools integrated with Siri such as notification clutter, uninterrupted options, screen time tracking, password management, and non-specification! Not to mention a huge increase in performance. Apple has learned its lesson from the battery life issues in iOS 11. IOS 12 optimizes performance and gives you a second chance of battery and CPU power. You will see an increase in performance even on the iPhone 5s! The experience of the latest devices like the iPhone X is smoother than it was a year ago.

Virtual Trackpad for Every iPhone and iPad.

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3D touch virtual trackpads are now available on every iPhone and iPad. Tap and hold the space bar to turn the keyboard into a trackpad. Move your finger to move the cursor. If you tap on the trackpad with the other finger, you will enter the text selection mode! This is the fastest way to reliably select text in iOS.


Use 3D Touch to Scan.

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There are a number of cool things that 3D touch supports, such as quick access to certain apps by pressing hard on the screen. In iOS 12, you can do a few new things: Touch the 3D camera icon, and you’ll see the option to scan the QR code in the popup menu. In the Notes app, a new 3D touch option is to scan a document. As new updates happen, 3D icons are fun to touch and see what new features you can get.


Search for Lyrics in Apple Music.

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You have a song in your mind but don’t know the name of the song? Even if you are not an Apple Music subscriber, type it into the search box of the Apple Music app, which will show you options for songs, albums, and playlists with that phrase.


Use Animoji/Memoji in FaceTime.

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You would think that the point of FaceTime is to make face-to-face video calls. But since the first video call on the computer, people have created ways to hide their faces with 3D ghosts. In iOS 12 it does not change. Existing Animoji has expanded to produce videos that capture the movements of your face, but Memoji allows you to create a ghost that looks just like you (in the messaging app). Perhaps the most “interesting” thing is that you can use these ghosts with a face time call rather than your own dumb face.

This only works on iPhone X or higher. It requires Face ID, Apple’s face recognition feature. In FaceTime, tap the screen to bring up the controls, then press the asterisk and you will see the animoji listed earlier. Tap it, whatever you choose will cover your face (but not your body or background).


Find Other iOS Devices Via Siri.

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Don’t have your iPad or other iPhone? Say to your iPhone, “Hey Siri, find my iPad.” As long as the other device is logged into the same Apple / iCloud account, it should be detected by an audio signal (it works until you stop it). Or, jump into the Find My iPhone app.


Expand Group Notifications.

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If you receive multiple notifications from the same app or thread, they will be grouped automatically. This will help minimize disturbances on your lock screen. When you encounter a group notification, tap to expand. You will now see all individual notifications in stock. You can work with them individually and in bulk.


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