7 Best Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Performance on Your iPhone.

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Disapproving of Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone? A Wi-Fi connection is a fundamental capacity of any iPhone—yet here and there a helpless sign meddles with riding the web, using applications, or streaming. On these occasions, you should see approaches to improve the Wi-Fi performance on your iPhone.

Do you frequently wind up with such helpless Wi-Fi signals that it is difficult to visit sites, use applications, or transfer recordings? In such cases, you should realize how to improve the Wi-Fi performance on iPhone. So here is a list of “7 Best Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Performance on Your iPhone.” Without further discussion let’s move into the article.

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1. Restart Your Router.

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This is an often-overlooked move, but restarting the router can often resolve Wi-Fi issues on your iPhone—especially if other devices are also experiencing issues. Restarting your router restores it to its original state, removing any temporary issues.

Simply find your router’s physical power button and turn it off and on to restart it. You can also disconnect the power supply.


2. Router Placement.

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Indoors, the typical Wi-Fi signal has a range of about 150 feet. Since a longer distance between your iPhone and the router means a poorer signal, consider relocating your router closer to where you use your phone the most. Barricades, such as walls and floors, can also block Wi-Fi signals. Try putting the router somewhere that’s easy to see and away from any obstacles. It’s easier to prevent interference from furniture and other objects if you raise your router higher.

On an iPhone, look at the cone-shaped stripes in the top-left corner, which signify Wi-Fi power, to see how strong your link is. Three bars indicate a heavy signal, two bars indicate a moderate signal, and one bar indicates a weak signal.


3. Remove or Change Your iPhone Case.

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The majority of materials used to make phone cases do not obstruct or interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Some, however, can—these are usually metal cases. Metal interferes with the antenna’s reception, which is positioned near the top of your iPhone depending on the model.

If your phone case is metal-plated, replace it with one made of silicone, plastic, or leather. Metal rings or PopSockets that stick to the back of the phone should also be avoided.


4. Update Your iPhone.

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iOS updates patch bugs and improve the device’s overall usability in addition to adding new functionality. Download and install any pending software updates to resolve Wi-Fi issues.

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5. Use Custom DNS.

7 Best Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Performance on Your iPhone. 6

When you are unable to reach those websites or applications, switching to a custom DNS can be helpful. How to change DNS on iPhone is covered in a separate step-by-step guide. Please take a gamble and give it a shot. If none of that works, the same article will show you how to return to the default DNS settings.


6. Reset All Network Settings.

7 Best Tips to Improve Wi-Fi Performance on Your iPhone. 7
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If all of the above fails, try resetting your iPhone’s network settings. All saved Wi-Fi networks will be deleted, and you will need to re-enable VPNs and cellular options.

To reset your iOS network settings, go to Settings > General > Reset Network Settings.

  • Select General from the drop-down menu in Settings.
  • Reset is located at the bottom of the page.
  • Select Reset Network Settings from the drop-down menu.


7. Forget and Re-Add the Wi-Fi Network.

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When you forget a network, it deletes the password and all other network data from your iPhone. This can assist in resolving issues with unique network connections. Know that if you lose the password to a network, you’ll need it to reconnect. Try restarting your phone before reconnecting to the network for the best performance.

On iOS, to forget a network:

  • Go to Wi-Fi in the Settings menu.
  • To forget a network, tap the I icon next to it.
  • Pick Forget This Network from the drop-down menu.







5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster.

5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster. 9
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In some cases, you need a quick charge for your iPhone. Perhaps your iPhone is practically dead, you’re going out, and have only minutes to re-energize. Now and again, this could be insignificant—a vehicle charger or outlet could be only a short leave later. However, there are additional times when a quick charge is basic when you’ll be out for a large portion of the day in places where charging isn’t useful or even conceivable.

Charging your iPhone seems like it ought to be a direct assignment. In any case, there is a great deal of approaches to accelerate the charging cycle. In case you’re in a rush and need more battery life as fast as could be expected, Here’s a list of “5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster.” So without further discussion, let’s move into the article.

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1. Upgrade Your iPhone’s Charger and Cable.

5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster. 10

Since the arrival of the iPhone 8 in 2017, Apple has outfitted its cell phones with quick charging. It’s an element that works with a variety of official and outsider charging embellishments. Any Apple charger with sufficiently high wattage, or an outsider charger that upholds USB Power Delivery (PD), is viable. You’ll likewise require Lighting to the USB-C force link. This link and charger combo permit you to energize your iPhone to 50 percent battery in around 30 minutes. A few producers guarantee to energize velocities to 2.5 occasions quicker.

There is an assortment of brands and models to consider for quick USB PD chargers, however the quickest reach in power from 30W-60W per port. When buying a charger, it’s critical to check complete force versus port force. A few chargers guarantee to deliver 30W of force, yet in a two-port charger, this is regularly separated into 18W and 12W for each USB port.


2. Turn Off Your iPhone.

5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster. 11
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While this tip may appear glaringly evident, Turning off your iPhone is frequently harder than you’d suspect. With messages, note-taking, calls, updates, and more living on your telephone, turning it off—in any event, for a brief timeframe—can be terrifying. This is particularly the situation in case you’re generally in a hurry and need to check in with work.

Notwithstanding, your telephone will charge quicker when it’s turned off and doesn’t need to stay aware of all that it’s running. If there’s anything you can do about it, shut your telephone off, plug it in to charge, and go into another space to complete work on your PC. Ideally, before you know it, you’ll be charged up.


3. Put Your iPhone in Airplane Mode.

5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster. 12

In the event that a total closure isn’t a choice, the following alternative is to place your iPhone in Airplane Mode.

The iPhone’s cell network is one of the greatest energy clients. At the point when not utilizing Wi-Fi, our cell phones are continually looking for the closest cell tower. Your gadget produces radio waves to find them and is ceaselessly dissecting signal solidarity to check a pinnacle’s nearness for the best association. It’s a weighty undertaking and the energy prerequisites possibly increment when pinnacles are scanty and your telephone should connect by producing more grounded signals.

Airplane Mode offers a transitory relief from these activities since it impairs all remote radios of your gadget. Tests have shown this component can cut full charge times by a couple of moments. While not tremendous, every single piece makes a difference.


4. Use a wall charger.

5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster. 13
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Using a wall charger will be quicker than connecting your telephone to a PC’s USB port. Using a wall charger on the off chance that you have one. Yet, not all wall chargers are equivalent. As a rule, the higher the gadget’s wattage, the quicker it can convey a charge to your iPhone. The wall charger that accompanies your iPhone is generally frail, appraised at 5 watts.

On the off chance that you have an iPad, use the wall charger that accompanied it all things being equal since it conveys 12 watts and charges around 33% quicker.


6. Stay Away From Wireless Chargers.

5 Best Tips for Charging Your iPhone Faster. 14
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Wireless charging (in the event that you have a fresher iPhone, or you’ve put an old iPhone in a wireless charging case) is truly a comfort. In any case, as with most accommodations, this one has an unintended expense: moderate charging.

Wireless chargers work considerably more gradually than connecting the telephone to a Lightning link, which is the reason you should skirt remote in case you’re in a rush.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. 15
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iMovie is a free entry-level app. You can use this on any apple device without any issue.iMovie makes your homemade video into a movie with its editing quality. It will not have the best quality like high quality paid advanced video editing apps but iMovie mac is a great video editing software program for beginners and would be home movie directors.Features= Seamless Apple product integration; green-screen; audio and social platform integration.

One of the highlights of the new iMovie is its feature of foreign language wandering in the industry. Even competing software programs do not know how to react as they have received positive market recognition. Many people know that the new iMovie has advanced features but very few people can predict exactly what to expect. Its design is largely borrowed from previous editions but because of these great features, it will be a remarkable program to work with.

After upgrading from 2010 to 11.0, iMovie has added more tools. Although it’s an intelligent design, there are not many advisory guides for users, which can cause trouble for users who do not have much time to find hidden and useful tips and tricks. So here I have gathered a list of Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. Without further discussions, let’s move into the article.


Crop to zoom in.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. 16
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Your iPhone can capture video in 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution, so if you create a movie to share online (and not watch on HDTV) you have pixels to save. If there is a clip that you think you have zoomed in on the recording, all is not lost. IMovie lets you zoom in on a part of the frame. You can even use the Ken Burns pan-and-zoom effect, but it seems to me that it is more suitable for still photos than videos.

To zoom in on a clip, highlight the clip in your timeline and then click the Crop button at the top right of the preview window. Select Crop to Fill or Ken Burns and drag to select the section in the preview window that you want to cut. Click the checkmark in the upper right to apply your changes.


Movie sharing.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. 17
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In the past, your edited movie could not be shared across iMovie’s mobile devices. However, the new version of iMovie comes with a theater that saves all projects ready to play under any platform. It can be iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV and it will give you the best movie-watching experience.


Add photos with Ken Burns effect.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. 18
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You can add photos to your movie to break up the videos, which can make the activation process a little more interesting. To add a photo, click the Photo Library in the Library section on the left and you can drag and drop photos into the timeline like a video. By default, photos are given four seconds with the Ken Burns treatment. You can change the duration of the photo by clicking on one edge of the timeline and sliding it in – just like you would when cutting a video. Double-click the photo in the timeline, then you can change the start and endpoints for the Ken Burns effect.

Attach a soundtrack.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. 19
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You can enhance the action by adding a trailer to your movie. Click the audio caption on the left, and you can select a song you bought on iTunes or a song you created in Garageband. Most of the time I go hunting on iTunes for a song for a video. Drag a song to your timeline; It will appear as a green audio track below the video. You can cut and paste it like a video.


Split clip.

Top 5 iMovie Tips You Should Know In 2021. 20
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If you have a clip that is too long, your audience may lose interest when it ends. You can split the clip into multiple clips and cut out the parts you don’t need. To split a clip, right-click on the clip in the time frame you want to split it and select Split Clip.


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Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users.

Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 21
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The basic usage of note-taking applications varies from person to person. Some people use it to take casual notes while others put every idea into the recording app. Energy users consider the note-taking app to be the second brain. Developing a solution that is tailored to each type of user is a challenge for companies. When it comes to Apple users, people prefer to connect with the usual Apple Notes app.

While Mac’s note app may seem basic at first glance, the Note app is full of hints and tricks at a closer look. Apple adds new features to the default notes app. With the macOS 11 Big Sur, it gets a nice UI redesign and new features. Finally, the Mac Store is ready to take its third-party options.

If you rely on Apple’s notes app to record ideas or keep your busy life in line with your priorities, the following tips can boost your productivity. They can also help you customize the app according to your workflow. So here I have gathered a list of Top 10 Best Apple Notes for Mac Users.



Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 22
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Apple Notes allow you to protect sensitive information from others. You can password protect any note using the lock option in the note. Open the note with confidential information and tap on the lock icon at the top. Apple will ask you to set a password for the note. You can use Touch ID (on the new mac) or password to open it the next time you try to view it.


Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 23
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There are times when you find interesting reading on the web. Many note-taking apps, such as Evernote and Notion, provide a dedicated Chrome extension for clipping web content. There is no such functionality in Apple notes. You get integrated with the simple sections menu on the Mac Safari browser. While browsing the web you can tap the share button and add the article to the Apple Notes app.



Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 24
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The Mac offers a convenient pin note feature for pasting notes on top of notes. Right-click on any note, and use the pin notes function, Apple notes will be placed at the top of the note. You will see a separate pinned section at the top for easy access. You can delete a note at any time using the same tactic.


Add Notes With Siri.

Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 25
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Siri on your Mac Is an intelligent personal assistant coming up to help you with various tasks and rescuing you from various problems arising when you are using your Mac. With time apple started to use Siri with its many products. You can also add notes using Siri. You have to ask Siri to add the note you need.

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Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 26
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Do you often have to work late into the night to create notes for meetings or presentations? If yes, your eyes will get very tired and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Click on the Apple logo from the left corner Click on System System Preferences Click on General Normal Click on Dark Look on Dark.



Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 27
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There is no easy way to change the font color of Apple notes. You can select paragraphs and right-click (if you use a mouse) or double-click on the trackpad to open the floating menu. Go to Fonts> Color Show, then it will open the color wheel to select the most suitable color.


Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 28
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By default, every note in Apple Notes syncs to the iCloud platform. The problem is, iCloud only gives 5GB of space to get started. Filling in the blanks with photos, videos, iPhone backups and more is quite easy. In such cases, you can always store notes on the device. Tap the note name in the menu bar and open the preferences. Enable the ‘On My Mac’ option to store notes on Mac.



Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 29
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Taking a page from the iOS 14 notebook, the macOS Big Sur offers redesigned widgets in a variety of sizes. Open the widget menu and tap Edit Widget at the bottom. It will open the widget menu. Select the Note widget size, look at the preview and drag it to the main menu. From here, you can access the recently added notes from the widget.



Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 30
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Mac’s Apple note sharing options are limited compared to rivals. However, if the recipient is already a Mac or iPhone user, you can share notes without interruption using their Apple ID. Open the note you want to share and tap on the profile icon in the toolbar. Add the recipient’s Apple ID and allow editing or viewing.


Top 10 Best Apple Notes Tips for Mac Users. 31
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After creating a long note, you need to convert it to PDF so that it is more portable. All you have to do is click on the file and select PDF as the export note. Next, enter the name, add the appropriate tag and select the desired location. Click the Save button, and you’re ready to go!


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Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 32
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The macOS Photo App started life as iPhoto: a consumer app for digital photo management and equipped with several basic photo editing tools. According to macOS High Sierra, the photo app is aging, and with powerful new editing features it can take on another look even if you are an experienced pro. Are Photos For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, And Mac Powerful Where To Delete Your Valuable Photoshop CC? of course not. But when you need to make quick changes and do so with a user-friendly but surprisingly powerful toolkit imaginatively, all you need is Apple’s photo app.

The Photo app on iPhone and iPad is one of the best tools for organizing, editing, and sharing your pictures. The app offers many editing features for your iPhone, and it can even compete with the best photo editing app on your Mac. Whether you are a professional photographer or just starting to learn how to use the camera app on your iPhone, learning how to manage and organize your image through photos is essential. So here I have gathered a list of Top 10 tips and tricks for mastering Apple’s Photo App.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 33
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It is worth remembering that photos for Mac can store not only photos but also any flat bit map. So you can use it to store screenshots, research bits from the Internet, and even animated GIFs. In each case, you can use Get Info (cmd/ctrl + I) to provide details and keywords for the items, then find them later. The new sidebar provides one-click access to main content and media types (favorites, people, screenshots, animated content, etc.). Each feed shows a menu, which is the default for all photos. Click it, and you can filter the current view by favorites, edited images, photos, videos, or keywords (or a combination thereof).

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 34
BY = Apple Support

When using light, color, and black and white adjustment tools for photos, you have three approaches. Auto click and the photo app does what it thinks is best – this is often a good starting point. You can then / alternately drag the vertical bar left and right to change the strength and nature of the adjustment.


Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 35
BY = Digital photography school

The level tool lets you change the black dot, shadows, center tones, highlights, and the white dot of the image. You can switch between brightness or RGB values ​​by using the tool’s popup menu. In addition to making changes to the image as a whole, you can adjust the red, green, and blue channels individually. Note that each towing handle moves individually; Hold Option / Alt to move both at once. The curve tool is new to photos in the MacOS Hi Sierra and works similarly to the tool in Photoshop. You can use optical tools to set white, gray, and black scores, manually adjust the curve, add new scores, and target individual channels by selecting from the RGB menu.


Use selective color.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 36
BY = Apple Support

Selective Color, another new tool in macOS High Sierra photos, allows you to change the look of a particular color. Either choose one of the six on display or choose a custom color with eyebrows. Then use the color, saturation, and brightness slider to make your changes, and the range to determine the color range to which the effect should be aimed. Compared to Photoshop, the selected color tool in Apple’s Photos app is arguably faster and more usable. However, it is limited to a single color in any one image. If so, casting is fine but not so good for some of the subtle tunings needed.


Different effects in Photos.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 37
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Set the sidebar to find more tools. The Photos Retouch tool works in a similar way to Photoshop’s cloning tool, with no brush type adjustment – just the size. Red-eye, white balance, volume reduction, sharpening, and Vignet tools all do what you want them to do – either through photos that automate the app process or you manually maneuver with a slider. The Photo app has a small filter size on its Filters tab. In macOS High Sierra, the app is the dirty app movie and instead offers three variants on Vivid, Drama, and Black and White filters.


Compare photos.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 38
BY = TiDBits

Not all edits made in the Photo app are destructive. When editing, you will see an A / B button at the top left of the window that can be used to switch between your version and the original shot. By using this option you can see the difference between the original shot and the edited image.


Revert Photos.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 39
BY = HowToisolve

Located adjacent to the back of the home button; When clicked, it reverts to the way your image was when it was first imported. On the Customization tab, you can toggle individual changes by enabling and disabling blue ticks. If the photos do not meet your needs you can use external applications to edit your pictures. In the Library view, go to Image> Edit and select Editor. When you’re done, the edited image will be dragged back to the photos, and you can retrieve the image if you want.


Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 40
BY = Youtube

Select the Crop tab to make quick adjustments to the orientation of your image. Handle to change rotation value, and swipe your trackpad with two fingers. In the sidebar, rotate an image horizontally by clicking the flip icon. Expand the Aspect menu to access alternative crop options beyond Freeform. When selecting a cropping element for your image, click-drag or swipe with two fingers to change the position of your image in the crop.


Edit your photos.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 41
BY = Macworld UK

Selected images in the library can be marked as Favorites or can be rotated by clicking the corresponding toolbar button or using the options/shortcuts in the Image menu. Press back and load the edit view. This is radically different from the macOS Sierra version of the photos, which requires you to manually load a set of customization tools. Now, they can all be accessed on the scroll tab immediately, they are placed in a scrolling window.


Use Photos on iPad, iPhone.

Top 10 tips for mastering Apple’s Photo App. 42
BY = MacWorld

On the Apple iPad 9.7 (2017) or Apple iPad Pro 12.9, the photo app is basic, and its editing view is similar to the older version of the Mac app. It focuses on quick fixes, cultivation, and light/color/black and white adjustments. If you use the iCloud Photo Library, pictures and edits are synced across your devices, making quick changes to your iPad and adjusting them to your desktop or laptop. However, on the small screen, the deleted photo app makes some sense. In iOS 11, when you browse live photos, you can go up at any time and change the animation/display type. Optional is a pseudo-long exposure based on endless loop/bounce animations and the video component of the live photo.


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Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users.


Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 43
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As the number of people being forced to work from home increases, many are rapidly adapting to a new way of doing their jobs. If it looks like you and you need some help to work efficiently with your Mac, you are in the right place.

Companies around the world are asking their employees to work from home. If this is your first time working remotely on your Mac, This article will help you increase your activity productivity and access,  So here I have gathered a list of Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. Without further discussions, let’s move into the article.


Use Screen Time to keep a schedule.

Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 44
BY = Apple Support

Apple’s screen time app has been integrated with your Mac (as long as you’re on macOS Catalina), because it is one of the best tools to help you manage your time when you work from home. It has a number of features that can limit the distraction and at the same time ensure that you do not become a complete hermit. Open System Preferences, then click the Screen Time button. The first screen will show you how you spend your time on your Mac. You will then need to click the Application Limits button on the left. Here, click the + button and select the application or category you want to restrict.


Organize Your Time with Calendar Apps.

Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 45
BY = 9TO5mac

Just because you work from home means you don’t deal with your colleagues and clients. If you want to set specific times for projects or meetings, it is best to include them all in your calendar. You can start with the built-in calendar app. If you want something rich in features with natural language input and a timeline display, try BusyCal.


Use Your iPad as a Secondary Display.

Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 46
BY = MacWorld UK

If you have a large monitor or desktop workspace in your office, a MacBook screen may feel a bit congested when you first get used to working from home. Of course, you can connect your MacBook to an external display if you have one. If you do not, consider using an iPad.


Monitor and Track Your Work Time.

Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 47
BY = Desktime.

It is important to manage your time when you work from home. To do that, the first thing you need is cold and hard data. You can get it in two ways: manually or automatically. DeskTime is one of the best manual finding apps out there. Start time tracking when you start a task or project and stop when it is over. For a week, do this for each task you complete on each workday. At the end of the week, you will see how much time you work. If it is too much or not enough, you can adjust accordingly.

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Enhance your environment.

Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 48
BY = PickPik

Your desk and computer are one thing, but you also have to think about your environment. Do you have a window to provide sunlight and fresh air? If so, do not leave it directly behind your computer or behind you. If it is behind your computer, the screen will be difficult to see; If it is behind you, you will get reflections on the scene. The best place is to keep the window to one side.


Use Split View for more multitasking.

Top 6 Best Work From Home Tips For Mac Users. 49
BY = Laptop Mag
Split view is the simplest and the easiest way to have access to double apps on the same screen. You have just to click and hold the maximize button at the top of your window, After that, you will be direct into the option fullscreen, or tile left or right. You have to select either left or right and then there give you the option to select another app to view on the split-screen. Thereafter you can use two apps on the same screen side by side, It will really help you with productivity and multitasking and help you to do more works.


Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 50
Source = Consensus Technologies.



Zoom Meeting is popular nowadays with the effects of the covid-19 virus.Security vulnerabilities in the popular video conferencing platform Zoom have arrived Switching the light when switching to full-power remote work saves many organizations Prohibit its use for meetings. However, zoom remains the preferred platform choice for zoom Several industries, including the legal industry, because of its unique characteristics Microsoft does not offer security alternatives such as teams.

Video conferencing is now used by millions for work and leisure as it is locked in many countries. One tool, in particular, has borne the brunt of the criticism that seems to be a by-product of its rising popularity in recent weeks – magnification. The news has been magnified to include privacy needs around the phenomenon known as ‘zoom-bombing’ where invited guests are attending progressive meetings by inserting a random meeting ID.

Fortunately, there are a few steps your organization can take if you are committed Use zoom meeting, Following these precautions will give you some relief That you use the platform in the safest way possible. There are several steps you can take to increase the security of any meeting using zoom. So here I have gathered a list of Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. Without further discussions, let’s move into the article.

Click Here To Download Zoom.


Create separate passwords to secure every meeting.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 51

One of the most valuable tips to use ZOOM securely is the password, You will have to attend many meetings in your life using Zoom. So you have to use separate passwords for separate meetings to make your Online Zoom meeting a secure meeting.



Recording the meeting.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 52

If you choose to record your meeting with the permission of all participants, make sure you record it to a secure server of your choice and save it to zoom in and consider activating the recording disclaimer.


lock the meeting.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 53

While you are in the meeting, In the participants pop-up box, You will see the option to lock the meeting. By locking the meeting, Anyone further cannot join the meeting even if they have the password and ID of the meeting. By doing this you can prevent other entries, including Zoom Bombers.


Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 54

When you are in the meeting, You can enable the Host-Only option in the settings, By enabling this you can prevent any meeting hijackers who are willing to share unwanted contents on your video meetings.


Enable Waiting Room.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 55

Selecting the Enable Waiting Room option allows you to control when a participant joins the meeting. This feature can help you, and the alternative hosts you name, ensure that only suitable participants can join your meeting.

Ensure Your Zoom App is Up to Date.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 56

Ensuring the zoom updates is a very important tip when you are using the zoom for your meetings. To ensure that your zoom desktop server or mobile app is up to date with the latest assembly and security features, you should periodically check to see if it is up to date. If you use a mobile app, check your app store for updates.


Manage participants.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 57

Zoom has features that allow you to manage your zoom meeting attendees. Use waiting rooms to control when your participants can enter your meeting, and use restrooms to organize your participants into small sub-meetings to collaborate and discuss groups.


Disable file transfer.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 58

By disabling the file transfer in zoom meetings, Sensitive files cannot be stolen or cannot be watched by unwanted parties. To disable the File transfer option, After logging in to your Zoom account, select Settings. Scroll to the File Transfer option and disable it.


Mute Participants Upon Entry.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 59

While scheduling a Zoom Meeting, check Mute participants on entry to mute all meeting attendees as they join your meeting. To mute participants Click the Participants button located in the meeting controls. Click Mute All. Click Mute All to mute all current and new participants,


Share the password securely.

Top 10 Tips To Secure Your Zoom Meeting. 51

Do not share your meeting password or ID upon social media, Just share them with your participants privately and securely, Doing this you can prevent third-party entries into your meeting.


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5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone.


5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone. 61

Most iPhones need to be recharged not every day but every two days. There are ways to conserve iPhone battery life, and many of them involve disabling services and features. One way forward is to show your iPhone’s battery life as a percentage, so you can easily track it. Everybody always concerns about the battery life of their mobile phone either it is iPhone or Android. But except android phones must have good battery life.

Saving the battery life is an essential need , When you are in a trouble you should must have a good battery percentage.

Here I have gathered a list of 5 Tips on how to save your battery on your iPhone.without further discussions let’s move to the article, By refer this article you can learn some tips to save your battery life in your iphone.


Prevent Background App Refresh.

5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone. 62

Several features can make your iPhone smart. Background refresh is a major feature among those features which can make your I phone smarter. This feature always looking at the applications your are using often in the day and this feature always update those your mostly using apps and you can experience new feature of those apps daily. This feature eats your battery so you have to stop background refresh temporarily.

To stop or hold this feature you have to open the Settings app, go to General > Background App Refresh, then choose Background App Refresh > Off.


Adjust Screen Brightness.

5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone. 63
















iPhone displays are bigger and brighter these days. This is a main reason which always drains your iPhone battery so you can easily decrease the brightness on your iPhone display and save your iPhone battery. You can also adjst the brightness visiting the control panel on your iphone and decresing the brightness.

To decrease your display brightness open Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Auto-Brightness and adjust the brightness of your display as your wish.


Turn Off Location Services.

5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone. 64.

This is a very cool feature of the iphone built in GPS.It gives you directions and locates anywhere you ned to know, But this feature is also a one of major reasons decreasing your iphone battery life so you have to turn off this feature when you do not need it. However disabling this feature will make a number of apps working like you will not be able to know where are you but turning off this feature is definietly helps you to store your battery for a long time.

To turn off your location services open Settings > Privacy Location Services, choose System Services, then disable this feature.


Disable Wi-Fi When You Don’t Need It.

5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone. 65

Using wifi is also a reason which highly contributes to decrease your battery on your iphone, so you have to turn your wifi off when you really do not need your wifi, like when you are going to sleep, when you are bathimg etc. you have to close your wifi connection and then you can store your iphone battery for a long time.

To disable Wi-Fi, open the Settings app, select Wi-Fi., then turn off Wi-Fi.


Turn Bluetooth Off.

5 Tips to save battery life on your iphone. 66

Bluetooth is a useful feature if you are using wireless headsets or earpieces but transmitting data wirelessly need a lot of battery, and turning bluetooth on and keeping it on all the time requires more power. You can turn off blur=etooth to save your battery on your iphone. Then you can enable bluetooth in need. Do not keep it on all the time unless you need to save the batter life. Make sure to turn it off when you do not need the bluetooth.

To turn Bluetooth off  you have to go to settings and turn the bluetooth off.