Lake Eola Park Expansion: Orlando donates more than $1M

Lake eola park
Lake Eola Park

The Orlando Land Trust receives $1.25M for Lake Eola Park’s Expansion

Orlando City has donated around $1.25M to the nonprofit group, The Orlando Land Trust in order to expand Lake Eola Park. It has been planned to expand the park to the corner of Central Boulevard and Rosalind Avenue. Currently, there are seven eleven on a one-acre lot.

Lynn Long is a founding member of the Orlando Land Trust. Lynn gave the statement regarding the issue:

“We still have significant funding to raise so that we can finalize this purchase and make this happen.” 

“The members of OLT, most of whom were born and raised in Orlando, were concerned with potential high-rise development occuring around Lake Eola, which they said would spoil city’s crown jewel.”

Lake Eola Park

With that being said, the donation received by the group from the Orlando City has just made the task easier and now they are much nearer in achieving their goal.