16 year old suspect in Tampa murder reported as armed and dangerous

16 year old suspect in Tampa murder

TAMPA, FLORIDA- A 16-year-old is on the top search and declared wanted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office. The suspect is reported to be in connection with a recent homicide in Tampa.

According to Deputies, a search warrant is being issued for the 16-year-old, Kayne Vanson Mordica. The suspect is wanted for second-degree murder with a firearm. The accused suspect, Modica was seen after a black male, believed to be a teenager who was dead outside a duplex in the university area of Tampa Wednesday night.

Sheriff Chad Chronister in his statement said, “While this suspect is only a juvenile, we believe he is armed, dangerous, and on the run, and would advise anyone who comes in contact with him to call the sheriff’s office immediately.”

Anyone with information on Mordica is requested to contact detectives on 813-247-8200 or contact Crime supporters of Tampa bay at 1-800-873-8477.

Vincent Jackson been dead for 3 days in Homewood suites

Vincent Jackson been dead for 3 days in Homewood suites 1

TAMPA, FLORIDA- According to a preliminary medical examiner’s report, the former Tampa Bay’s Buccaneers wide receiver was found dead in his hotel room earlier this week. The reports declare Jackson to have been dead for 3 days before the staff members of the hotel went into his room and found out.

Vincent Jackson was found dead at the Homewood suites on Palm river road in Brandon on Feb. 15. The staff members apparently had assumed for him to be sleeping on the couch when they went in on Feb. 13 and Feb. 14.

According to the reports, the staff members had gone into the room again on Feb. 15 and were concerned to have him found in the same position. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office said earlier this week that the staff confirmed he was dead around 11.30 a.m.

According to the deputies, the last time they confirmed Jackson was alive was on Feb.11 and canceled the missing person report after checking on him on Feb. 12.

The medical examiner’s office is reported to be still working on the exact cause behind Jackson’s death as there were no signs of trauma.

Reportedly, the family members of Jackson have mentioned that Jackson had suffered from chronic alcoholism and concussion and stated the investigations to back up his cause of death is still incomplete.

Sheriff’s office stated that among other reports, an autopsy will certainly clear the cause of his death.

It was confirmed by Jackson’s Family that his (Jackson’s) brain was donated for a study on C.T.E.

Jackson’s family spokesperson, Allison Gorrel in a phone interview with the New York Times said, “Vincent being who he was would have wanted to help as many people as possible.”


The staff had assumed Jackson to be sleeping on the couch, sitting!

Tampa Police Department seeks Public help in identifying a suspect

Police Department seeks Public help

TAMPA, FLORIDA- According to the Police Department in Tampa, the incident had occurred during the Super Bowl festivities on Sunday. The public is requested to help in identifying the suspect involved during the battery incident.

The exact location of the incident was reported to be at the intersection of W.Tampa Bay Boulevard and N.Dale Mabry Highway.

The woman had reported to the police to have been grabbed by the man (suspect) against her will.  The suspect’s identity was seen in a video that was taken after the incident and he appeared to be a white man in his 30’s or 40’s.

Police request anyone with information about the suspect who may have witnessed the incident to contact the detectives at 813-231-6130.


2 people die from drug overdosing in Hillsborough

2 people die from drug overdosing in Hillsborough

TAMPA, FLORIDA- According to the reports, the two accused drug dealers in Hillsborough County are being charged with murder for the death of two of their customers due to an overdose related to fentanyl.

The investigations started immediately after the death of a couple; Woman in her 40’s and her boyfriend in his 30’s at the Windwood Oaks Apartments last August. The duo was suspected of an overdose of fentanyl.

According to the Medical Examiner’s office in Hillsborough County, the female died with fentanyl intoxication while the male was intoxicated both with fentanyl and ethanol.

Immediately after a search warrant was issued upon locating the victim’s cellphone.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson said that they were able to trace the old messages relating to the drug transaction and managed to directly reach out to the person with an attempt to buy drugs. The dealer, Jose Marty, 50, fell for the trap. Marty while admitting to his accusations said he got the drug from Melissa Hanna of 42.

The Sheriff’s office says the arrest should serve as a warning to the rest of the dealers as selling poison is termed as intentional killing.

The City Crisis center requests any individual struggling with addiction to contact them for support. You can reach the Crisis hotline through 211 which is 24*7 at service.

Huge crowd of fans gather mask less to celebrate Super bowl in Tampa

Huge gathering with no masks

TAMPA, FLORIDA- As Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl on Sunday, the streets were reported to be flooded with Tampa Bay fans celebrating and ignoring precautions by medical experts to maintain social distance and to wear masks.

According to a reporter from the Tampa Bay Times, the bizarre episode of a man in a red T-shirt and Shorts climbed up a small tree in the city’s South Howard District and rocked back and forth as many fans egged him on. As the people started shoving at each other the police then took steps in taking the man on the tree to custody. At least one police officer was reported to get knocked down during this episode.

The Tampa Police Department has not made it clear as to how many were arrested or if any citation for violation were issued after the game.

According to reports, a large number of people have been partying in Ybor city; a popular place in Tampa for nightlife. Only a very few appeared to be wearing masks and any effort to disperse the crowd by the authorities was not spotted. It was reported to have been ‘one massive dance floor.’

With the transmissible variant of Coronavirus anywhere out there, officials show concern of Super Bowl festivities becoming a super spreader event.

Police urges everyone to stand alert during Super Bowl Festivities for possible increased scams in Tampa

Police urges everyone to stand alert during Super Bowl Festivities for possible increased scams in Tampa 2

TAMPA, FLORIDA-  Organizing Super Bowl brings in a lot of great things to its city- a boost in the economy and to an opportunity to show the world what it has to offer.

It’s not a secret that some ticket sellers have reported being culprits of major crimes as human trafficking. These big events act as a true attraction for those criminals looking for prey.

With the skyrocketing prices and limited capacity, most people would love to score a seat at RayJay with a few bucks on the field.

The Law Enforcement thus warns to pay attention to the legitimate brokers so as to avoid getting caught up to scammers.

According to State Attorney Andrew Warren, there had been a case in 2019 where a man hit the jackpot by earning millions from selling tickets which he never delivered, and reportedly he even scammed his mother. Warren urges people to be aware of where and who they are buying tickets. He also added that checking out the seller through Better Business Bureau and making payments via cards and Paypal could save a lot of trouble.

Warren said, “if the tickets are $5000 apiece and someone’s offering you them at $1000, then that’s an issue.”

With fans showing concern over human trafficking during the festivities, Attorney General Ashley Moody said he’s teaming up with the uber drivers to train them to spot unusual occurrences with warming signs by victims. According to Warren, signs of fear, anxiousness, paranoia, reluctance to discuss any injuries, speaking as if coached are warning signs that every fan, Floridians, and anyone traveling to the state should be familiarized with.

Awareness is spread in the Tampa International Airport as during last year’s Super Bowl festival, the police made 47 arrests which led to the rescue of 22 victims.

Finally, the chief of Tampa Police Brian Dugan asked the citizens to enjoy the show with awareness and to plan ahead. Dugan also said that members of law enforcement of Tampa Police to FDLE to FBI will all be around to tighten security throughout the city.

12 year old dies in a car crash that drove in front of another car in Polk County

12 year old dies in a car crash that drove in front of another car in Polk County 3

TAMPA, POLK CITY COUNTY-  A 12-year-old boy of Plant city died in the car he was riding after it crashed in Polk city. The 42-year-old driver under the influence of alcohol drove the car in front of another car and was struck by a driver, according to the Polk County Sherriff’s office. The crash also injured a 14-year-old boy who was in the car along with the drunk driver and the driver of the other car.

According to the Sherriff’s office, Joel Orozco, 12 was airlifted to St. Joseph’s hospital in Tampa where he died. The tragedy injured all four people involved in the crash including the two other people in Orozco’s car and the driver of the other car, Mario Martinez Salazar.

Martinez, 30 was driving west on Road 60 in Mulberry around 12.22 am on Sunday while Andres Orozco was traveling South on Coronet road. According to the Sherriff’s office, it was about this time when Andres drove into the path of Martinez’s car.

Apparently, no occupants in Orozco’s car wore seatbelts at the time of the crash. Andres and Joel Orozco were both ejected, according to the officials. The officers also said that Andres Orozco, of Wauchula, remains in critical condition with severe head trauma, a broken neck, and a broken leg at Lakeland Regional Health.

The 14-year-old Angel Orozco of Plant city was pulled out by the bystanders and taken to Lakeland Regional hospital with a broken collarbone and brain bleed and has been released upon treatment.

The other car which was driven by Martinez caught on fire. Martinez, from Mulberry, was arrested and pressed charges against DUI manslaughter, DUI crash with a serious injury, and driving without a valid license. Deputies also reported smelling alcohol on his breath. Martinez refused to give a breath sample at the jail and yet his blood level showed a 0.26 level of alcohol in the stream which is counted as three times the legal limit, said the arrest affidavits.

Although he was wearing a seatbelt he still was treated at Lakeland Regional Hospital for a broken leg before being taken to Polk County jail.

110 deaths and 15019 new Coronavirus cases reported in Florida

110 deaths and 15019 new Coronavirus cases reported in Florida 4

FLORIDA- According to state records, Florida adds 15019 new cases amidst the 110 deaths on Saturday, exceeding 1.7 million infected cases since the pandemic started last March.

A 6.6 percent of daily positivity rate was highlighted by The Florida Department of Health which also processed around 222,800 tests Friday.

Vaccinations: According to reports, a total of 1,651,366 people have been vaccinated in Florida with 32,024 just on Friday. So far, the number of people vaccinated in Hillsborough County, 74,859; in Pinellas, 74,847; in Pasco, 28,975; in Manatee 26,396; in Polk, 32986; in Hernando, 13938; and in citrus, 13,490.

Hospitalizations: 6,168 patients are being treated in Florida for COVID-19 and according to the Agency for Health care Association, 1,252 are reported just from the Tampa Bay region.

The Department of Health reported 276 new admissions inclusive of 73 admissions locally.

A statewide availability of 22 percent of hospital beds and 18 percent of adult intensive care unit beds were reported while 21 percent of hospital beds and 19 percent of adult ICU bed units were reported to be open in Tampa Bay.

According to John Hopkin news, a positivity rate of 10 percent in Florida was reported in Saturday.

As the World Health Organization states, at least a 5 percent of positivity rate or less should be maintained for a minimum of two weeks before considering reopening of the state. A lesser positivity rate indicates that testing is widespread enough to capture mild, asymptomatic, and negative cases.

Currently, Seventeen states, Guam and the District of Columbia have been able to maintain a positivity rate below 5 percent.