Human Trafficking in Leon County to be put to a stop

sweep away human trafficking for good!

LEON COUNTY, FLORIDA- According to the latest news, the town is soon going to be a safe place to live in, having the human trafficking issue sorted out with the new partnership with a Tallahassee group. The group plans and hopes to crack down and keep people safe.

According to the reports the survivors will be provided with direct support and assistance with housing and counseling by The Survive and Thrive Advocacy Center.

The Advocacy Center has now been partnered with the Leon County Law Enforcement to help and guide the hospitality industry in successfully spotting human trafficking.

The group in their statement said that it should be a community effort.

“Everybody in the community really has a role to play in identifying and understanding what trafficking is. There are so many myths and misconceptions about what trafficking is. For example, we don’t have a solid ground as other communities do on labor trafficking, “said Executive Director Robin Hassler Thompson.

Part of the agenda being approved by the commission requires county contracts to include a clause that says anytime taxpayer funds are used, they do not use trafficked labor.

Legislation carried out to keep Trans girls from participating in women’s sports in Florida

Filed legislation contradicts Biden orders

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- Anthony Sabatini, Florida Representative was reported to have filed legislation that apparently contradicts a previously issued executive order by President Joe Biden.

The previously signed and issued executive order by President Biden on January 27, 2021, on “Preventing and Combating Discrimination On the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation.”

The news got trending in sports with the clause it stated, “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to a restroom, the locker room, or school sports.”

In a tweet, Sabatini further said that both women’s sports and Children need protection against Radical social experiments.

With the HB 935 bill carried out by Sabatini, transgender girls will be disallowed to take part in girls’ sports in schools.  Furthermore, this bill also prohibits any sort of transgender surgery to be performed on children.

The bill allows for a “health care practitioner acting in accordance with a good faith medical decisions of a parent or guardian of a minor born with a medically verifiable genetic disorder of sex development.”

According to HB 935, “only students of the female sex are eligible to participate on athletic teams designated for girls only.”

If passed the bill would take effect July 1, 2021.

Click here to view the full bill.


Neighborhood Improvement Association seeking grant to address food insecurity in Frenchtown

The grant would bring about a lifestyle change in French towners

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- According to the second harvest of the big bend, 150,000 people or more have been suffering from food insecurity since the pandemic.

With current stats indicating 2.8 million Floridians have less access to nourishment and healthy food, 800,000 are highlighted as children.

With the hope of the United States Department of Agriculture granting on the Frenchtown Neighborhood Improvement Association, a real change in terms of bringing in more healthy food on tables of the neighborhood can be expected.

Marques Williams who visits the Help Shelf Pantry a week said that it’s one place people can find food with the way finance is heading.

While Frenchtown is described to be in a food desert where it lacks options for nutritious and healthy food, the Frenchtown Heritage Hub is said to play a vital role in providing options.

The second Harvest sponsors a food driver every first Friday of the month and you can find the Frenchtown farmer’s market every Saturday morning.

With the FNIA working with the USDA for a grant, it would help farmers and food-related industries to bring better options to the community.

If approved, local farmers will be partnered with other food-related industries and bring about a real lifestyle change.

2 homicide cases to be investigated by Tallahassee Police

2 homicide cases to be investigated by Tallahassee Police 1

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- the investigations of two homicides by the Tallahassee Police seek witnesses of any sort to step forward.

TPD Spokeswoman, Alicia Turner said no other details apart from a dead man wounded with gunshots in a car was available to the officers who arrived at the crime scene, 2500 block of Texas Street, at 7.30 p.m., Thursday.

According to the reports of Tallahassee Democrat Analysis of gun violence, the incident is marked as the third fatal shooting this year while at least 6 people have been injured during nine separate shootings. On New Year’s Eve, two fatal shooting cases were reported just one hour apart.

The shooting incident occurred while offices were actively engaged in the investigation of a fatal stabbing case that occurred hours earlier in the neighborhood of 500 block of West Brevard Street in Frenchtown.

The department announced on Twitter to have received a call for service around 3 p.m. and the caller had directed the Police to The Time saver convenience store at the corner of West Brevard Street. “The victim who was an adult male was transported to the hospital where he succumbed to his stabbing injuries,” according to the sources.

Turner said that the investigations showed the stabbing occurrence happened down the street in the 500 blocks of Brevard before the victim entered the convenience store.

Anyone who may have witnessed or who may have information concerning Thursday stabbing or shooting is requested to assist The Violent Crimes Unit by calling on 850-891-4200 or may remain anonymous by calling on 850-574-TIPS.

Teacher arrested for exchanging nude photos with students

Teacher arrested for exchanging nude photos with students 2

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- Troy “Jayden” Larkin of 23 was arrested on charges on Friday for exchanging nude photographs with students while also supplying them with tobacco and alcohol. The charges pressed against him was for distributing obscene materials and battery to minors as well as alcohols. One of the girls also told the investigators that Larkins rubbed her back against her will in a flirtatious manner.

According to the information of the Franklin County Sherriff in a Facebook post, Larkin has befriended many students on social media. He also added that upon obtaining a search warrant, detectives discovered electronic devices that were used in these transactions in Larkin’s residence.

The Sherriff’s office said that Larkin waived to remain silent during investigations while confessing to the accusations against him.

As the Department of Franklin County Sherriff’s office takes crimes against kids very seriously, the officials urge the public with any information to contact on 850-670-8500 and support the ongoing investigations.

3 Youngsters were killed in a car crash in which the car split in half

3 Youngsters were killed in a car crash in which the car split in half 3

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- The accident was reported near Southwood where a car crashed into a nearby tree off tram road killing 3 young people in the car.

With the identity of the four people involved in the crash still remaining undisclosed, The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed all involved in the single vehicle-crash are Tallahassee residents. The three victims, a man and a woman both of 20 and another man of 25 were all passengers, and the driver, 20 was rushed to the Tallahassee Memorial Health care upon serious injuries.

The older passenger being identified by his family said “He was a young good man who was respectful, sweet, and kindhearted, would give you his last If he had it.” She also added that he was survived by his parents and two other sisters and three brothers and he attended Lincoln high school when he was younger. Apparently, the family of the deceased is not aware of how the crash happened or the other identities involved. The family members are still in shock and grieving.

According to the Highway Patrol statement, a sedan was westbound on Tramroad past Merchants row Boulevard before it went off-road for “unknown reasons” and the car had skirted a tree line before crashing into the tree.

“(The Vehicle) split in half with the front part coming to rest on the north shoulder facing the south and the back half coming to rest on the south.”

One of the passengers died later at a local hospital while Mitchell and the other passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the Highway Patrol, the driver didn’t have his seat belt on and it was unknown if the other passengers had theirs on.

The crash scene was assisted by The Leon County Sheriff’s office, the Tallahassee Police Department, and the Tallahassee fire department.

The 28 year old ABC’s star bachelor caught on shoplifting at Tallahassee

The 28 year old ABC’s star bachelor caught on shoplifting at Tallahassee 4

FLORIDA – With many rising stars at “The Bachelor” on ABC, the one that’s never forgotten is Victoria Larson. Stealing the spotlight has gotten habitual to this self-proclaimed “queen” who is the fixture of this season.

The versatile qualities in Larson have always grabbed the attention of the viewers of the show and with many fans following her, a dozen more show off their hatred towards her for her filter fewer comments, unapologetic personality, and irresponsible collection of words towards the rest of the contestants.

Tagged as a villain and a bully Larson was tracked down in a mugshot of a 2012 arrest in Tallahassee and the internet sleuths are making her pay the price she’d never dreamt of.

The immediate speculation by the viewers regarding the nature of the crime was making the scene even more chaotic as Larson was spotted in the mugshot with her hair bleach-blond rather than the brunette hair on the show.

The 28-year-old Victoria Larson, addressed the public on Good Morning America only to say that she was never a bully. She also stated that she had called her father to express how liberated and exposed she felt when the news initially broke. According to the arrest documents, Larson had been caught on security footage to be placing groceries and makeup worth of $250 into a reusable bag at self-checkout where she never paid.

Larson was then booked into Leon County jail for two days upon immediate arrest without incident. According to court records, she was later released on posting $1000 bail with probation of six months.

Despite the exposure and the death threats that followed she kept saying that she never was a villain and her intentions were never seen as ill by the rest of the contestants.

“It was all in good fun and if my words or actions hurt anyone, I sincerely apologize and will make sure to hold myself accountable and do better. I really am not a bully” said Larson to Good Morning America.

22-year-old man arrested on attempted murder in Tallahassee

man arrested on attempted murder in Tallahassee

TALLAHASSEE: As per the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, a man was arrested in connection to a shooting that happened on Jan. 2. The reports show the victim of the shooting was critically injured.

22-year-old De’Anthony Barkley is facing a charge of attempted murder. He was arrested Thursday.

Records show the shooting happened on Nena Hills Drive off Blountstown Highway. Deputies found a man lying on the curb next to his car with the engine running.

Authorities said the man was lying with multiple gunshot wounds. The arrest report says “(The victim) was transported to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. Medical staff provided information that (the victim) would be sedated for several days.”

Investigators interviewed witnesses. As per a witness, the victim was speaking with the witness on the phone. The witness told investigators the victim was going to meet with Barkley.

Barkley is being held in the Leon County Detention Facility.