7-Eleven stores robbery, no one was hurt

7-Eleven stores robbery case.

Two separate incidents at 7 Eleven stores occurred. Orlando Police is attempting to recognize a robbery suspect.

7-Eleven stores robbery, no one was hurt 1

Officers responded to reports of an armed robbery at a 7 Eleven at 1350 North Mills Avenue around 12:30 a.m. Saturday.

Agents said an equipped robbery occurred in the Mills-50 and Audubon Park regions of Orlando. They said the suspect has been described as a white man with blue eyes.

As per authorities, nobody was harmed in either occurrence.”In both cases, the suspect presented a weapon. Attempts to track the suspect after the first incident were not successful,” OPD said.

If anyone has information they’re asked to contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-8477. You can also contact the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.

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The accused killer, 44, doesn’t remember what happened

The police arrested the 33-year-old man who was considered killer and accused of being in connection with the death of an attorney who was killed in the Delaney Park neighborhood home which is located in Orlando.

Erin Hartigan was a 44-year-old Orange County Attorney who was found slain Sunday after 4 a.m. he was present in the home in the 300 block of Jasmine Avenue.

The mother of Erin called 911 when he was found dead at the home. The police found a man, named William Franklin who was hiding nearby in the lake Lurna. The police arrested him on the charges of burglary with a battery and first-degree murder.

Detectives reported that Franklin was missing from Orlando Health Regional Medical Centre Sunday before killing Hartigan. Hartigan was last seen at ORMC at 2 a.m.

The distance of ORMC is about .4 miles from the house of Hartigan.

Some investigators also say that they were not able to find any connection between Hartigan and the accused killer.

Police discovered several items of evidence including two kitchen knives full of blood. Reporters also told about the discovery of another knife near the victim.

An arrest report revealed that the mother of Hartigan was present in the home at the time of the murder but she didn’t recognize the voice of the killer.

Mother of Erin said that when she opened the door, she found a man who walked down the hallway. And moved away from her as soon as she opened the door while Erin was sleeping on the floor. Rather he was dead.

The mother immediately called 911. Police officers were also alerted by the neighbors on East Miller Street. Reporters said that Franklin was wearing only boxer shorts and a shirt and he said that he was out for swimming, and he did not remember anything.

Franklin said that maybe he was given some kind of drug because he can’t recall how he reached from ORMC to Lake Lurna.

Throughout the investigation, Franklin kept on saying that he did not remember what exactly happened and he did not kill anyone.

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