Central Florida school district says quarantine is part of the safety protocol


The guardians of students of Seminole County Public Schools are being reminded that self-isolating methodology is a piece of the “new ordinary” and students and guardians ought to be readied in the event that they need to do it. Quarantine is part of the safety protocol.


Quarantine is part of the safety protocol. 
    Quarantine is part of the safety protocol.


“Please understand this is an integral part of our safety protocols and our new normal as we navigate what we know will be a very challenging school year,” said a message sent to guardians Friday evening.

“It’s not going away anytime soon, so yes, the more kids that are in school, the more districts open, schools open, we’re gonna definitely start hearing about these alerts,” Meredith Hoofnagle said, a parent of second-grader at Layer Elementary School.

“We had to do that for a good solid month and a half in March and April,” she said. “I’m confident we’ll be able to handle it, get through it.


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Parent Tiffany Dowling realized it was coming, just not this rapidly.

“I didn’t think it would happen this fast but it did, and I figured it’s what most of us sending face-to-face should have prepared for,” she said.

She has a middle schooler and a high schooler and is set up to keep them home if necessary.

“I think we do all need to start thinking ahead and start making those plans,” she said.


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