Biden to address Congress on 28th April


On Wednesday, 28th April President Joe Biden is set to deliver his first address to a joint session of Congress. This would be one day before his 100th day as president.

The White House confirmed that on Tuesday night, President Joe Biden accepted an invitation from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to address a joint session on that date.

The speech will allow President Biden to claim progress during his first 100 days, a benchmark historically for the presidency. A time for President Joe Biden’s speech has not been announced.

Pelosi asked President Biden in a brief letter to the president to “share your vision for addressing the challenges and opportunities of this historic moment.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has previously indicated Biden’s first joint session address – which fulfills a constitutional requirement  – could look different than past addresses because of precautions during the coronavirus pandemic.

All senators and House members of both parties, as well as Supreme Court justices, typically pack the House chamber for State of the Union and joint session presidential speeches. It’s unclear what steps could be taken.

President’s debut presidential speech to Congress will fall significantly later on the calendar than previous presidents, including Donald Trump and Barack Obama, who both addressed Congress for the first time in February.

President Biden’s presidential term began with heightened security at the Capitol following the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and coincided with the Senate’s impeachment trial of Trump. Democrats in Congress spent the next several weeks working to pass Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill.

Since its passage, Biden has put forward a $2.25 trillion jobs and infrastructure proposal called the American Jobs Plan that Congress is expected to take up in the coming weeks.

Vaccination deadline for US adults moved to 19 April 2021


Vaccination deadline time for eligible adults in US have been cutoff by President Joe Biden. On Tuesday he had announced that he has moved the cutoff time for states to empower qualified residents to get them vaccinated by the 19th of April, 2021.

Within the 75 days that President Biden has been in power, he has effectively given 150 million coronavirus vaccine dosages. He will most likely have 200 million vaccination shots by his 100th day as president.

Regardless of whether the advancement is satisfying, the President is firm in battling the Covid ‘war’ together as Americans by rehearsing solidarity.

President Joe Biden is confident that Americans will be able to celebrate the 4th of July if American’s practice unity in defeating COVID-19.

He says that with joined endeavors from all residents, there is an exceptionally high opportunity for the country, all things considered, to return back to the ordinary. He unequivocally accepts the nation will have returned to typical in practically no time. We can say that the President has unquestionably accomplished his vaccination objective.

“We know what we have to do. We have to ramp up a whole of government approach that rallies the whole country and puts us on a war footing to truly beat this virus. And that’s what we’ve been doing, getting enough vaccine supply, mobilizing more vaccinators, creating more places to get vaccinated, and we’re now administering an average of 3 million shots per day, over 20 million shots a week,”, President Joe Biden said.

As indicated by reports, 75% of individuals over 65 years old have effectively got one shot. 55% have the two shots. President Biden is presently imagining 90% of grown-ups to get immunized by the nineteenth of April. Around 40,000 drug stores are taking part in the government drug store inoculation program.

As per the John Hopkins University report that has been given on Tuesday 555,600 residents died due to the infection. Moreover, the United States Center for Diseases Control and Prevention had noticed that 167 million vaccinations had been managed.

The racism acts towards the Asians in American has additionally spiraled in the midst of the Covid pandemic. As of late, a dissent in regards to this prejudice issue occurred in New York. Pop symbol Rihanna recently took part in a protest in New York as a responsible step towards doing away with the ongoing Asian hate.

There has additionally been the monetary strain and loss of occupations. A few understudies are additionally confronting inconvenience in taking care of credits. President Biden as of late thought about the matter.

Military members to be focused on for COVID 19 vaccine if Biden gives waiver


Military members need to be prioritized for vaccinations – the democratic legislators feel.

Democratic lawmakers have sent a letter to President Biden asking for a “waiver of informed consent” for all United States military service members to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

On Wednesday, CNN obtained a copy of the letter that was sent from a congressional aide.

At the moment the Department of Defense cannot make vaccinations mandatory because they have only been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use. A waiver from the President could bypass that rule.

Seven Democratic members of Congress signed the letter, including House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. James McGovern and House Armed Services Committee members Rep. Jimmy Panetta, Rep. Marilyn Strickland, Rep. Sara Jacobs and Rep. Marc Veasey. Rep. Panetta is the son of former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Rep. Cindy Axne and Rep. Jahana Hayes, who do not serve on the House Armed Services Committee, also signed the letter.

According to the Department of Defense, the opt-out rate among service members eligible to be vaccinated is about 33%, but last week military officials and service members CNN spoke with from several bases and units across the country suggest the current rejection rate may be closer to 50%.

“I think the true opt-in rate right now would probably be around 50-ish percent,” said a military health care source about numbers on a military base of some 40,000 active-duty troops. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss vaccinations.

The letter says “disinformation and vaccine skepticism” are influencing service members to opt-out of being vaccinated. It acknowledges that the Pentagon has “made admirable efforts to educate service members on the safety and efficacy” of the vaccines, but says that those measures have been “outpaced by disinformation dominating social media.”

The Defense Department has approximately 2.2 million service members operating around the globe. Last year, the military experienced a handful of high-profile outbreaks, including one aboard an aircraft carrier deployed in the Pacific.

In April 2020, a COVID-19 outbreak onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt spread to more than 20% of the crew onboard the aircraft carrier and led to the eventual dismissal of the ship’s captain. In November, more than 100 US military installations around the world put in place some form of tightened health measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

“We request you rapidly issue this waiver to give DOD the authority it requires to ensure readiness in the face of current and future threats,” the letter states.

President Biden confident to beat COVID-19 with the help of Americans


President Joe Biden recently made a speech at prime-time in which he spoke about the vaccine distribution and confessed that the unity in America is the biggest tool to swipe off COVID-19 in the country. He strongly believes that American has the power to overcome any challenge.

President’s sly take on Trump

During his speech, he did not mention Donald Trump by name, but it was quite obvious that he was talking about him.

President laid much of the blame for America’s struggles with the coronavirus pandemic at the feet of the last President, Mr. Donald Trump.
“A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials for days, weeks, then months,” President Biden said at one point. “That led to more deaths, more infections, more stress, and more loneliness.” Later, Biden pulled out his mask and expressed amazement that it had been turned into some sort of political statement.

In President Biden’s 20 minute speech, he strongly emphasized the power of unity amongst the citizens. The most remarkable moment of the night was when the President stared right into the camera lens and told the American people, “I need you.” And he said it again: “I need you.” Moreover, the President repeatedly kept emphasizing the power of togetherness by constantly using”we” throughout his speech.

He spoke of the need to find a common purpose by saying that “beating this virus and getting back to normal depends on national unity.” He also said that “I need every American to do their part.” The idea of America coming together to do this stood in stark contrast to the Donald Trump presidency, in which the 45th President of the United States sought on the coronavirus to immigration to race to emphasize what divides us rather than our common humanity. “This is the United States of America and there’s nothing we can’t do when we do it together,” President Biden said in the closing moments of his speech.

“We know what we need to do to beat this virus; tell the truth, follow the science, work together,” President Biden said as a direct rebuke to Mr. Donald Trump’s rejection of facts and science about the coronavirus during the course of the 2020 presidential campaign.

“You’re owed nothing less than the truth,” Biden said. Even though he made the statement mostly on an optimistic note about a return to normal, President Biden was open and transparent that things could go sideways, that variants of the virus are out there, and that if proper mitigation practices were not followed we could be in for another surge.

President makes it clear that American is at war

President Biden wanted to make Americans understand that we are at war with COVID-19 and therefore, he chose his language carefully and made reference to Ernest Hemingway’s novel about World War 1. Moreover, he also quotes “Farewell to Arms”-“many are strong in broken places”.

The message was clear: This isn’t an enemy like the United States is used to battling. But it is an enemy nonetheless, and the need for sacrifice and unity is as great as it was when America was fighting the Axis powers.

The 4th of July may have a new meaning – The President said that by Independence day, “there is a good chance that you will be able to get together and have a cookout or a BBQ in your backyard.” NBC’s Craig Melvin noted later said, “Well it seems July 4th, Independence Day, takes on new meaning. It’s a marker now.” That’s exactly right.
The 4th of July is now the date that Americans would circle on their calendar. Americans are now looking forward to the 4th of July as they believe that the country will begin to slowly return to normal – at least according to Joe Biden. We can say that Joe Biden is indeed giving America new hope to tackle COVID-19 considering his almost-win on the relief package and the positive mindset he has.

President Biden is determined to raise the minimum wage to $15

President Biden is determined to raise the minimum wage to $15 1

A top White House economic adviser said that President Joe Biden is still dedicated to increasing the U.S. minimum wage to $15 after a key Senate referee decided that the provision could not be incorporated in the COVID-19 relief bill on Friday.

Brian Deese, the White House National Economic Council Director recently participated in an interview on MSNBC and said that the administration was disappointed by the Senate parliamentarian’s Thursday ruling and would consult with congressional leaders about the path forward.

“He’s committed to getting it done,” he said. “We were disappointed by the parliamentarian’s ruling.”

On Thursday, a legislative official said that the provision, which would more than double the federal minimum wage, could not be included in the $1.9 trillion relief bill that Democrats are seeking to pass via a process known as reconciliation.

A higher wage “is the right thing to do. We’re going to consult with our congressional allies, congressional leaders today to talk about a path forward about how we can make progress urgently on what is an urgent issue. At the same time, need to act on this American Rescue Plan,” he added, as the U.S. House of Representatives prepared to take up the bill later on Friday.

Loyalty of Republicans questioned – half the Republican would leave Trump to join a new party

Loyalty of Republicans questioned - half the Republican would leave Trump to join a new party 2
Despite facing a second impeachment trial, former President Donald Trump demands loyalty from his Republican supporters. Donald Trump has faced a trial earlier this month for allegedly inciting a riotous mob that stormed the US Capitol building. The attack came after Trump spent weeks trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Five people died as a direct result of the assault, including a police officer, and scores more were seriously injured.

However, it came to an end on Saturday, 13th February 2021.

Even though Donald Trump is enjoying the warmth and support among the GOP voters, a survey conducted by Suffolk University-USA Today found that almost 46% of the respondents would let go of the Republican party and support a new one floated by Donald Trump.

“We feel like the Republicans do not fight enough for us, and we all see is Donald Trump fighting for us as hard as he can, every single day,” Brandon Keidl, a 27-year-old Republican from Milwaukee, said in an interview after being polled. “But then you have establishment Republicans who just agree with establishment Democrats and everything, and they don’t ever push back.”

According to a couple of reports that were released earlier in January, Donald Trump is considering the creation of a third party to discourage senators from voting to convict him during his impeachment trial. However, Maggie Habberman, a reporter with the New York Times said that Donald Trump was talked out of that.

She wrote that “There is also the fact that threatening a third party while simultaneously threatening primaries makes no sense, which some folks gently pointed out to him.”

Between 15th February 2021 and 19th February 2021, a survey was conducted in which almost 1000 Trump voters participated. 80% of them said that they were less likely to vote for a Republican candidate who had previously supported the impeachment of their former commander in chief, Donald Trump. However, 85% of them that will vote for Mr. Donald Trump for president again in 2024 if he wins the Republican nomination for a candidate. More than 50% of the respondents said that the Republican party needs to become “more loyal” to Mr. Trump, even if it comes at the cost of losing more establishment Republicans.

The result of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial saw a harsh split within the GOP as the former president launched a scathing attack on Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, calling him a “dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack.”