5 Tips for making a best powerpoint presentation.

powerpoint presentation.
PowePoint ( by=MAGISTO)

PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is included in the standard Office suite with Microsoft Word and Excel. The software allows users to create anything from basic slideshows to complex presentations.

PowerPoint is often used to create business presentations but can also be used for educational or informal purposes. Presentations consist of slides, which may contain text, images, and other media, such as audio-visual and film. Sound effects and animated transitions can also be added to add extra appeal to the presentation. However, overuse of sound effects and transitions does more harm than good to distract your audience. (Yeah, we’ve all heard enough car screams for one lifetime.)

You can create and view PowerPoint presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. They can be imported and exported with the Apple Keyboard, Apple’s presentation program for the Macintosh platform. so now let’s move to the article “5 tips for the best presentation”.



5 Tips for making a best powerpoint presentation. 1











  • Avoid serif fonts such as Times New Roman or Palatino because these fonts are sometimes more difficult to read.use readable simple fonts such as Arial or Helvetica.
  • Use the same font for all headlines.
  • To indicate important points, Use large fonts or bold.
  • Use different colors, sizes, and styles for impact.
  • Do not use italicized fonts because they are difficult to read.
  • For bullet marks, use the 6 x 6 rule.
  • Not less than 6 words per line and not less than 6 lines per slide One thought per line Use dark text on a light background or light text on dark background. However, dark backgrounds sometimes make it difficult for some people to read the text.
  • Do not use all caps except titles.
  • Keep repeat elements (such as page numbers) in the same place on each page of a multi-page document.
  • To test the letters, stand six feet from the monitor and see if you can read the slide.


Design and Graphical Images.

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  • Use design templates.
  • Use the same border.
  • Arrange images vertically or horizontally as your wish.
  • Use the same style of graphical images throughout the whole presentation.
  • Limitation of the number of graphical images on each slide.
  • A single image stands out dramatically. Use color to make a big difference to a single copy of your clip art.


Colors.5 Tips for making a best powerpoint presentation. 3













  • Reduce the number of colors on a single side.
  • Vibrant colors are difficult to read when projected.
  • Do not use many colors in a chart.
  • Check all the colors on a projection screen before presenting the truth. Color can be projected differently than what appears on the monitor.


General Presentation

5 Tips for making a best powerpoint presentation. 4

  • Plan carefully.
  • Do research.
  • Know your audience.
  • Speak comfortably.
  • Concern about grammar and spelling.
  • If sound effects are used, wait until the sound has finished speaking.
  • Do not read the presentation. Practice presentation so that you can speak with bullets. The walk should be a hint to the presenter, not a message to the viewer.
  • Simultaneous display of bullet points is often more effective, as it allows the viewer to listen to the presenter rather than read the screen.
  • Use a wireless mouse or pick up a wired mouse so you can move around while talking.
  • If using sound effects, wait until the sound is finished speaking.
  • If the content is complex, print slides so the audience can take notes.
  • Do not turn your back on the audience. Try locating the monitor so you can talk to it.


Slide Transitions And Sound Effects.

5 Tips for making a best powerpoint presentation. 5


  • Transitions and sound effects can become the center of attention, diverting the viewer’s attention.
  • Always use beautiful and attractive transitions and also sound effects.
  • Use transitions and sound effects wisely.
  • Do not read from your slides, Because it is not for the presenter and it is for the audience.