1 killed in a fatal shooting in Pompano Beach

1 killed in a fatal shooting in Pompano Beach 1

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA: According to the reports, a shooting that happened late Saturday evening in a neighborhood in Pompano Beach left one dead.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office was investigating at the scene and collecting the evidence.

Records show the shooting happened in the 2200 block of Northwest 4th Street. After the shooting, the officers received a 911 call at around 11:43 p.m.

While responding to the scene, they found two people injured with gunshot wounds.

The victims were immediately taken to the hospital. They suffered life-threatening injures.

Unfortunately, one of the victims died. Officials said the other victim is under treatment and is expected to recover soon.

Information regarding suspect or suspects has not been released.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting.

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58 year old fake Deputy being arrested by real Deputies in Pompano Beach

58 year old fake Deputy being arrested by real Deputies in Pompano Beach 2

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA- Carlwell Wilson who posed as the Broward Sherriff Deputy at a traffic stop in Pompano Beach was spotted and arrested on site. The Broward Sheriff’s office said that Wilson despite dressing up as a deputy, also flashed a badge and threatened a woman of “Suspicious activity.”

The Deerfield Beach man followed the woman’s vehicle in a dark blue Dodge caravan. According to the investigators, the woman had been followed behind the Bible College in South Florida in the 10th Street in Deerfield Beach.

The woman’s statement in the arrest report said that she was stopped by Wilson who said he was a Broward Sheriff Deputy and was conducting an area check for any suspicious activity. In her statement, she also said that Wilson asked for her name and said he could arrest her but he didn’t want to and that he was patrolling the area because he cared for the place.  Wilson had been wearing what looked like a white t-shirt with a Police emblem on and was reported to have left the area post-incident.

While the woman whose name is still not disclosed picked Wilson from a photographic lineup, the real deputies managed to identify the suspect. According to the investigators, the woman really believed Wilson to be a deputy.

Upon a three-day search, Wilson was arrested in Pompano Beach on January, 30. The charges he was pressed with included impersonating a law enforcement officer and false imprisonment. Records show Wilson, being held in the Broward Jail on a $300,000 bond.

33-year-old Florida nurse arrested for placing hidden camera in restroom

As per the reports, a Florida nurse was accused of planting a hidden camera in a public restroom at the rehab clinic where he worked.

arrested for placing hidden camera in restroom

The suspect is identified as 33-year-old Davidson Rozier. Deputies arrested Rozier Tuesday.

Records say an employee at 1st Step Behavioral Health in Pompano Beach, Florida found a small camera hidden inside a box of tissues on the back of a toilet in the rehab clinic’s unisex restroom.

According to the reports, clinic managers reviewed the camera’s footage and saw Rozier’s face and badge as he placed the camera. Rozier was fired the same day.

Deputies say Rozier has been charged with video voyeurism.