5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography.



5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography. 1
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Photography is a fashion, Taking a better photograph is a talent, Photography is also a talent, Everyone can be a photographer. We can use high-quality cameras, webcams, smartphone cameras for better photography.

Your smartphone is always with you, a constant companion who can connect to the web to find any little thing, usually you are in constant contact with the outside world. It’s one of the main items you grab before you leave the house, and the last (most likely) time you put it out was in the movie theater. This makes your phone a digital camera for shooting anywhere, anytime. A few years ago, making images and videos with smartphones was a compromise, with poor image quality but better convenience than a good point and shooting camera.

So here I have gathered a list of 5 tips for better photography with your smartphone, Without further discussions, Let’s move into the article.


Start With a Good Camera Phone.

The quality of the smartphone camera has enjoyed a huge leap in quality over the last few years. If you are using an old cell phone, there is no room to squeeze the camera. If camera quality is a priority when shopping for a new one, be sure to check out the list of top camera phones we’ve tested.

5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography. 2

But keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with the latest Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy devices.


Focus, Focus, Focus.

Before taking a photo, look at the screen and make sure the focus is right. If the object you want to photograph does not focus properly, try changing the position of your smartphone or reversing. You can touch the part of the scene where you want to focus on the screen, and the camera of your smartphone will focus on that part of the scene.

5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography. 3

Always look at the screen and make sure the focus is right before taking a photo. Remember Focusing is a must-have quality for better photography.


Use Environmental Lighting Instead Of Flashlight.

Instead of using the flash on your camera, illuminate what you are photographing with normal light from your environment. You may want to go to your camera app’s settings and disable Flash to prevent the automatic shooting. One of these tips – avoiding flash if not essential – will help you take better-looking photos.

5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography. 4

There is a place for the camera flash, but you should avoid it if you do not know what to do. It should not be the beast power tool you use to take photos in any environment without thinking about light.


Adjust Exposure.

Smartphones are a modern point-and-shoot, but apps that run their cameras usually have some degree of manual control. The basic adjustment you can make is exposure – brightening or dimming a scene – and turning an empty image into a turning machine by using it effectively and efficiently. Use it to brighten up your fancy dinner party to perfect for Instagram or to darken the shadows of a portrait for a more dramatic look.

5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography. 5

The feature is not always labeled the same. On an iPhone you’ll need to drag the sun icon to the right of the focus confirmation box, down to brighten or darken an image. Android phones usually have the traditional +/- icon for exposure adjustment.


Use the Back Camera, Not the Front Camera.

Selfies are the trend now but with the use of the front camera(SELFIE CAMERA) we cannot feel the best experience in photography. That is good for silly selfies.

5 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography. 6

However, smartphone manufacturers usually include better, more detailed cameras on the back of the phone. Taking a photo with the rear camera instead of the front camera on your smartphone can get you a better picture. Of course, taking selfies this way is more difficult. You can always ask someone nearby to take a photo of you. That’s what we all had to do before we had smartphones with front cameras.


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