5 tricks to free up space in Android Phone.


5 tricks to free up space in Android Phone. 1

Android phone has evolved over the years and is fast becoming the leading mobile platform in the world. Android accounts for more than 71% of the global mobile operating system market.

Android is an operating system designed with the functionality of your phone and the location of the application in mind. Everything you see on your device’s display is part of the operating system. When you receive a call, text message, or email, the operating system processes the information and puts it in a readable format.Now we all know what android phone is, So now let’s move to the tricks how to free up space of an android phone.



Clear the cache.

5 tricks to free up space in Android Phone. 2


Most Android apps use stored or cached data to give you a better user experience. Cache data can save a small amount of time (and mobile data), but files stored in application caches are convenient and not strictly required. If you want to quickly free up space on your phone, the first thing you should look for is the app cache.

To clear cache data from a single application, go to Settings> Applications> Application Manager and tap on the application you want to modify. In the app’s info menu, tap Storage and then tap Cache to clear the app’s cache.


Delete your downloads.

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Your Android phone has a downloads folder where everything you download – photos, videos, documents, and other files are stored. Most of the files in your downloads folder are not the files you specifically attached. So you can free up some space by deleting these junk files.

Go to MY FILES and select DOWNLOADS in your android phone and delete unnecessary files you don’t need.


Use Google photos.

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Google photos let you store many pictures, every photo you are taking using your android phone can be stored directly on google photos. after all of your photos stored in google photos, you can erase those photos from your phone memory to free up space and those photos can be get back using google photos.

To take advantage of all this free cloud storage space you will need to enable the Google Photos backup and sync feature. To do this, open the Google Photos app and go to Settings> Backup and Sync and enable it.


Using a microSD card.

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You can use external storage like a microSD card to store your data in your android phone. Thera is many types of microSD cards in various storages (8GB,16GB,32GB. you can use this and you can reduce your storage space on your android phone.


Uninstalling apps you are not using.

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If there are many apps on your device and if they are having a large space on your device, You can easily uninstall apps that you are not using.

To uninstall an app click and hold the app and click on”uninstall”. By doing this you can uninstall apps that you are not using and you can free up storage on your device.