Orlando Science Center gets reopened after 3 month

Orlando Science Center opens after getting closed due to Covid-19 

Orlando Science Center

After a period of around 3 months, the Orlando Science Center reopens but taking into account the new guideline that may help curb the transmission of Covid-19. The prevalent Pandemic Covid-19 has really shaken the world, but now it seems that people are reopening places that were closed due to the pandemic. Even though the places are opening, but still there is a danger of transmission to occur. In order to confront this, the new safety guidelines are taking place.

Orlando Science Center is also reopening with the new safety guidelines. Only 25 percent of the capacity would be allowed and the guests would need to purchase the tickets in advance. Guests over the age of three would be required to wear masks and their temperature would also be needed to get checked. Practicing social distancing will again be the priority as some of the exhibits will be closed and those opened will have a limited number of people.

Orlando Science Center

In addition to all, it has also been said that the sanitizers would be installed throughout the building and cleaning would take place from time to time. Moreover, on Wednesday, it will be closed so that deep cleaning could take place. Initially, the hours would also get reduced.

For more details, visit the official site: https://www.osc.org/