#1 The windows of a church in Orlando were smashed.

Windows smashed at Orlando church

Orlando church

An Orlando church is cleaning up after being vandalized. The priest of God was very disappointed in this incident. He was saying that some miscreants smashed the windows of his church on Sunday night.

smashed church


Speech by the pastor of the Orlando Church


Pastor Stovelleo Stovall said he preached peace and nonviolence during Sunday church prayers. However, on Sunday night miscreants hit his church.

“I get a call about 5:45 that my windows have been broken out,” Stovall said.

Stovall said the rest of his church members were helping to restore the church immediately after glass was scattered everywhere.

“If we are going to march, march peacefully, if we are going to do things let it be peacefully. Let’s not stop here, let us continue to love each other.”

As protests raged across Central Florida, Stovall said his message would always be nonviolent.

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