Nation’s veterans to hope for successful transition with Operations New Uniform

veterans to hope for successful

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA- According to Operation New Uniform, their goal is to successfully aid in the veteran transition from life in the military to civilian life.

The ONU group with the provision of outfits makes a Positively Jax difference to veterans ensuring the skills they require to succeed in the business world.

Being virtually present in almost every city in America, the group dominates Jacksonville with a major presence, as it is a military town.

According to news, Operation New Uniform has extended its wings in Jacksonville by helping 312 veterans make this transition. The group shared their priorities as initially building a veteran’s confidence goes a long way. According to them, supporting these veterans fit into the professional frame as well as making sure they are all set up for success is the current plan.

According to the group, “It is really swapping the military uniform for another uniform in civilian life.”

Operation New Uniform also made clear that their plan to continuously work towards growing their network to support the needy, corporations, and organizations to help more and more veterans unite with transition careers.