Firetruck stolen while Bayshore Fire Rescue responded to call

Firetruck stolen while Bayshore Fire Rescue

NORTH FORT MYERS, FLORIDA: According to the reports, a firetruck was stolen from a fire station in Florida on Sunday.

Officials said at that time crew was responding to a call. As per the Bayshore Fire Rescue department, after they returned they found that the firetruck was missing.

After asking for the public’s help and posting the news on social media the fire truck was located about 80 miles away in Manatee County.

“The Facebook community, the shares, the updates, the posts, the sightings β€” you made it able for us to get our truck back,” he said. β€œThank you, thank you, thank you.”

The Bayshore Fire Rescue department said the vehicle is not damaged.

Officials are investigating the suspect who stole the vehicle.

No more information is released out.

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