Woman dies upon being drugged and raped in Miami Beach

Woman dies upon being drugged and raped

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA- According to the news, two men traveling in South Beach for spring break are accused of tranquilizing and assaulting a lady who was subsequently discovered dead in an inn.

According to the Police arrests, Dorian Taylor, 24, and Evoire Collier, 21, both from North Carolina were pressed with charges and arrested.

Police said the reconnaissance video was seen showing them entering the Albion Hotel with the 24-year-old casualty from Pennsylvania and were shown to be leaving without her. Miami Beach police say the lady was discovered incompletely naked and dead inside her room at the Albion on Thursday.

Examiners say the two men met their casualty at a cafĂ©, gave her a pill, and went to her in where “they engaged in sexual relations with her on various occasions once she was oblivious or out” and that “they stayed inside the unit and didn’t call for help or help and started to take every one of her things.”

The cause of the death as if she died from an overdose is yet to be examined by the authorities.

The suspects will face manslaughter or murder charges if the results come out as an overdose.

The suspects also had used her credit cards all over in Miami upon stealing them. The officials also hold possession of a surveillance clip where one of the men was seen using her card at a local shop.

The accused two appeared at the court on Monday and according to reports is held without bond.

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