UCF couple met at frat party, Married for 40 years

UCF’s Number 1 Couple, Who met at Florida Frat Party


Todd and Kim Bowers, the couple who funded $400,000 to UCF Knights. It shows their love for them.

Todd, who is 64 years old, has said about his home office,

“If you could look around this room, you would say there is $100,000 worth of stuff just on these wall.” 

Todd’s home office has everything which a person could dream of regarding UCF.

If we talk about Todd and Kim, they are a lovely couple who met at Florida Technology University in 1974. They decided to get married after 5 years. Having 2 kids, one dog, and more than 40 years of UCF pride, they are going to celebrate their 41 years anniversary this year.

Place where the Love Story Started


The Couple met at Florida Frat Party. Todd used to live in Sigma Chi Fraternity house and Kim was a sister in Tri Delta. Both of them attended the casino-themed party. According to Todd, Kim set next to him and they both started the conversation. Kim also asked Todd to go with her on her sorority weekend. He didn’t know that it was all a setup. Kim was in search for a partner to go on a date to Delta Weekend. She had asked two guys and Todd was one of them.

Kim has said:

“I go to the Sigma Chi Party and worked up the nerve and I asked this cute guy named Todd to go to the Delta Weekend with me.”

Todd agreed to go with her and also asked her to go with him to Sigma Chi Sweetheart Ball. She did say yes, and it turned out to be their first date. From that day onwards, they have been together.

The Love For The Game


The couple has been together since then and has attended every game of UCF. Let it be football or men’s basketball game. Moreover, they have also attended various other games as well.

Rollins College was the rival of Couple. The World would come to a pause whenever the Knights play against the Winter Park. It is interesting to know, that when Kim was delivering their oldest son, Todd was at UCF versus Rollins College basketball game. Regarding that Kim said:

“I have given him grief for years about that.” 

FTU was a team that many of the people didn’t know about. They defeated Rollins College and Southern Florida College. Todd was quite surprised to watch that. He really enjoyed that time and was finding the University experience to be special.

Todd and Kim are attending games for the last 45 years, and according to Kim, if you are going out with Todd, it would ultimately mean you are going for the games.

Pure UCF Fans


The Love for UCF and basketball is real for the couple. They have been keeping same season tickets seats for men’s basketball games.

Moreover, the couple attends games with those friends as well which they made at college. A friend of the couple named Tom Bailey has suggested that the couple are the candidates of the Best UCF fans ever. The couple also purchased the tickets for the games which they were not able to attend, that is the craze for their team.

Todd Says:

“I have probably spent thousands of dollars on tickets to games I have never even been to. I want my name on the list- not just to be on the list. I want to feel like I am part of this win, I am part of this program.”

Continuous Support

Kim was a tennis player at UCF and when she was a senior, she became the director of intramural sports. Kim, before she retired served as a teacher for 12 years, was an athletic director at a Catholic middle school for several years, and was also a volleyball coach at Boone High School for around 6 years.

If we talk about Todd, he is currently president of the learning institute for Elders at UCF. He is also a member of the UCF College of Business Finance Advisory Board.

Todd always gives a lot to the UCF Community. In regards to that he said:

“When I was at the University, I got the degree that was going to give me a career. I met the woman who I would live the rest of my life with. I can’t think of what our life would have been if I did go somewhere else or if my wife would have gone somewhere else. As much as I have give, I have gotten 100 times more.”

The whole content is Written by Dani Medina (Original research)