Amanda Guthrie s motion has been denied in the killing of Ayva Guthrie in Jacksonville by judge

Avya guthrie jacksonville

Jacksonville Fla. – A judge on Tuesday denied the motion to dismiss charges against Jacksonville mother Amanda Guthrie accused of killing her 14-year-old daughter Ayva Guthrie.

Amanda Guthrie, 34, is facing denial as judge refuses to dismiss charges of shooting her daughter (Avya) in Jacksonville

Amanda Guthrie was arrested on 19 January for shooting her daughter in the head at her home in the Arlington area. She is under house arrest while awaiting trial for her daughter’s death. 

She was bonded out of jail when her daughter’s condition was critical and forensic experts said it was an accidental shooting. But she was arrested again when the girl died. 

She has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of grievous murder of her daughter, shooting deadly missiles, and possessing armed marijuana, court records show.

In a police interview, she said that her daughter was playing with a 9mm handgun. And when she asked the girl to hand over the gun to the mother, it discharged, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The motion filed seeks to dismiss charges of aggravated murder against a child under the age of 18 as well as an attempt to shoot or throw lethal missiles at a home.

Guthrie has also been charged with child neglect and armed possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana. She has pleaded not guilty.

As per court records, Guthrie’s trial is scheduled to begin on November 8 and till then she will remain in Duval County Jail.

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Man of 37, arrested for first-degree murder and home invasion robbery

arrested for first-degree murder

ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA- a man was arrested in Orlando for a fatal shooting case near Downtown by the Orlando Police Department.

The reports say that the fatal shooting occurred at a party on North Hyer Avenue.

The diseased, Jacariz Rozier, 32 was found in his apartment around 7.35 p.m. According to the investigators, the victim usually never lived in that apartment and paid occasional visits.

The investigators also discovered that the victim was murdered in his apartment upon being robbed during a party. The suspects were reported to have entered the party with a gun, murdered, and fled the crime scene.

37-year-old Derrick Maurice Herlong was arrested on Monday and is faced with several charges; first-degree murder, home invasion and robbery, carjacking, grand theft, and possessing a gun at all times.

The arrested is being booked at the Orange County Jail and reportedly without bond.

Meanwhile, the police are on the look for the rest of the suspects who are involved in the murder.