Pinellas introduce Walk-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Walk-up COVID-19 vaccine clinics

PINELLAS, FLORIDA- According to the authorities, the County introduced three different locations for vaccinations where residents were allowed to stand in the queue and get vaccinated, without prior appointments.

Staff at the Community Health Centers in Pinellas said that they had 200 doses of Moderna vaccine to be distributed. Although the opening hours were mentioned as 9 a.m., people were lined up and were waiting since early morning; as early as 5.30 a.m. just to make sure they get vaccinated, according to the news.

Upon opening the doors people rushed around to check the availability and while some stayed some others decided to leave with a limited number of vaccine doses.

Those who managed to get vaccinated said that it was well worth it.

The County will have more walk-up clinics in the weeks to come, according to the County officials.

“Plan ahead and arrive early,” was the advice given by those who waited at the lines for hours.