Spray painted with racial slur just outside a restaurant in Miami Springs

Spray painted with racial slur

MIAMI SPRINGS, FLORIDA- Ceviches by Divino, a South Floridan restaurant faced a racial incident where the outside walls of the business were spray-painted with a racial slur.

According to Karol Arogan, an employee of the restaurant, the graffiti of the menacing message was on the walls of Ceviches by Divino along Curtiss Parkway in Miami Springs earlier this weekend.

In her statement to 7News, Aragon reacted to this inexcusable act of vandalism. He said, “To be honest the first thing that came to my mind was ignorance.” Further, he added, “Parents at home, you need to get it together, like, teach your kids that hating is not okay and it never will be.”

Upon the owner’s awareness of the incident, the walls of Ceviche by Divino are being cleaned to get the paint off.