Fatal shooting on Hebron Drive, Merritt Island

Fatal shooting

MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA- According to authorities, an investigation pertaining to a fatal shooting case that costed the life of one is underway. According to the news, the fatal incident occurred in a house on Merritt Island on Wednesday.

The shooting incident was reported to the police at 9.40 a.m and the officers responding reached the location where the shooting occurred at a house on Hebron Drive.

According to the Brevard Sheriff’s county office, the shooting incident was reported by someone in the house and upon reaching the location of the shooting, deputies found a man dead who didn’t seem to have self-inflicted wounds.

Apparently, the shooting was intended and the Sheriff’s office clarified that no threat is being held to the community.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s office added that they await a search warrant to make the entrance to the home to fully examine and investigate the root cause of the shooting case.

The Deputy said that irrespective of what the circumstances are, even preliminary facts are hard to put together without inspecting and examining the crime scene where the shooting took place.

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27-year-old man dies after car crashes into tree near Lucas Road and Date Avenue

According to the recently released reports, a man died Saturday after troopers said he drove off the road and into a tree.

27-year-old man dies after car crashes into tree near Lucas Road and Date Avenue 1

Records show the crash happened around 2:20 a.m. Saturday near Lucas Road and Date Avenue.

Troopers said the car left Lucas Road, struck a tree, and caught fire. The 27-year-old victim was immediately taken to the hospital. Later, he was pronounced dead.

The investigation is ongoing. No more details have been released.