Lakeland officer shoots at the gunman

Lakeland officer shoots at the gunman

LAKELAND, FLORIDA- According to the authorities, a gunman who shot at a woman fatally was shot at by a Lakeland Police officer seconds later.

The Lakeland officers responded to the 911 caller who informed about a domestic argument at a condominium complex around 6.30 p.m.

Upon arrival at the location, officers found the man Howayne T. Gayle, 35 was pointing the gun at a woman of 37 in a parking lot. According to the authorities, the duo has had a break-up and the man had broken into her condo.

Police said that Gayle took the shot at her while she was running towards the officers upon seeing their presence in the scene. Immediately after, the gunman Gayle was shot to death by the officer.

The woman whose identity was not released was admitted to the hospital immediately but was pronounced dead on Sunday.

The woman’s 19-year-old daughter was a witness of the murder.

29-year-old man fatally struck by 2 vehicles near Lakeland

man fatally struck by 2 vehicles near Lakeland

LAKELAND, FLORIDA: According to the Florida Highway Patrol, two drivers hit a man who was attempting to go across State Road 520 in Brevard County Tuesday night.

Troopers said the incident happened around 11 p.m. near Lime Street.

As per the reports,  the 29-year-old victim was hit by a Toyota Camry in the left lane. The impact of the accident sent the man into the right lane, where he was hit by a Kia Sorrento.

The report states the 17-year-old driving the sedan and the 24-year-old man driving the SUV both stopped after the crash happened. Officials said these two people did not suffer injuries.

The person attempting to cross the road got hit by the vehicle. Troopers said the victim died on the spot. The authorities are investigating the accident. The identity of the victims has not been released.

No further details have been accessed yet.

70-year-old woman killed in a shooting in Lakeland on Christmas Eve

in a shooting in Lakeland on Christmas Eve

LAKELAND, FLORIDA: As per the Lakeland Police Department, one of the victims of the shooting in Lakeland on Thursday night has died. The deadly shooting happened in the 1500 block of Amos Avenue near Whitehurst Street.

The reports say police found four victims: a 13-year-old female, a 39-year-old female, a 43-year-old male, and a 70-year-old female with gunshot wounds. They were immediately taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the 70-year-old female lost her life.

According to the officials, a 19-year-old male arrived at the hospital with a gunshot wound. The other victims are expected to recover.

Reports show a 15-year-old male was involved in an argument that was carried over to the home on Amos Avenue. The people who were involved in that argument arrived at the house and shot fire along with a resident of the home.

Police are investigating the shooting. No more information has been released.

4 people shot in Lakeland

4 people shot in Lakeland

LAKELAND, FLORIDA: As per the recently released reports, a shooting that happened on Thursday evening in Lakeland left 4 people injured.

Records show the shooting happened in the 1500 block of Amos Ave shortly before 6 p.m. According to the police, they found 4 people injured with gunshot wounds. It is not known whether the victims got life-threatening injuries or not.

The 4 people, one teenager and 3 adults were immediately taken to the hospital. The reports say another person with a gunshot wound arrived at Lakeland Regional Health. Police are investigating the shooting.

The current situation of the victims is not known. No details about the suspect or suspects have been released. The shooting is under investigation.

13 men arrested on child pornography charges in Lakeland

child pornography


LAKELAND, FLORIDA: As per the announcement made by Polk County’s Sheriff Grady Judd, 13 men, ages 20-47, were arrested on 2,364 felony charges related to child pornography. Records show the men are held on more than a $12.5 million bond.

The reports say the arrest was made on a sting called “Operation Guardians of the Innocence VI”.

Among the 13 people, 27-year-old Silas Toussaint Harris, an assistant coach for the Lakeland Destroyers was also charged.

A Lakeland High School teacher and varsity soccer coach 46-year-old  Shawn Fitzgerald also faced felony charges.

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “The men arrested in this operation create a market for these kinds of horrific images that are dependent upon the continued sexual abuse and rape of babies and children worldwide.” “We are committed to protecting our children from those who possess and distribute child pornography. Each time these images and videos are uploaded and shared these children are victimized again and again. I appreciate the hard work our detectives did that was necessary to file these charges,” Sheriff added.



4 teen injured after gasoline exploded in bonfire in Lakeland

LAKELAND, Fla.: Reports say a teen poured gasoline on a bonfire Thursday night which resulted in an explosion. Authorities said four teens were injured among which two were girls and two were boys.

gasoline exploded in bonfire in Lakeland

According to the reports, three of the victims were rushed to Tampa General Hospital by the crews of Polk County Fire Rescue. The fourth victim was taken to Lakeland Regional Health hospital.

The victims’ present condition is unknown. No more details have been released. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the fire marshal’s office are investigating.


46-year-old Lakeland High School teacher arrested for child porn

As per the recently released reports, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office says it received a report from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that the KIK Messenger app was used to upload a video depicting child pornography on February 20, 2020.

Lakeland High School teacher arrested for child porn

Reports say deputies arrested the 46-year-old Shawn Fitzgerald a teacher and varsity soccer coach at Lakeland High School, on 408 counts of child pornography.

The records show the video uploaded on the KIK Messenger app showed a young female (approximately 10-12 years old) performing oral sex on an apparent adult male. Deputies found 408 images of child pornography of both boys and girls on Fitzgerald’s phone.

“We saw horrific acts.” “Everything from children as young as 10-months-old and that were engaged in some form of illicit, horrible, sexual conduct as a baby all the way up to the early teens,” said  Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Deputies said so far there is no evidence that Fitzgerald was a sexual predator in the sense that he carried out illegal acts with children. But the investigation is ongoing. “We will bring this man to justice,” Judd vowed. “Our goal is that he sits in prison for a very long time. Our prayer is that there are no child victims. Our other prayer is that we can identify these children who have already been victimized.”

Reports say Fitzgerald is being held on a more than $2 million bond

Accused killer of former Lakeland city commissioner and her husband arrested

According to Lakeland police, Edith Henderson, formerly Edith Yates, 67, served as a commissioner from 2006 until 2018. She and her husband, 63-year-old David Henderson, were found dead Tuesday night in their home near Lake Morton.

killer of former Lakeland city commissioner

The report says the couple had been stabbed to death. Police arrested a suspect, Marcelle Waldon staying at the Relax Inn in Lakeland. Police believe Waldon was attempting to rob the house, noting that the door was unlocked and there was no sign of forced entry. They also believe Waldon also tried to burn the house down to cover up the crime by leaving the gas oven and all of the burners on.

Records show a 2016 white Audi A6 along with some jewelry that had been stolen. Waldon is facing charges with 10 felony counts including first-degree capital murder.

Waldon’s previous criminal history includes burglaries, domestic violence charges, trespassing and resisting arrest.