36-year-old man found dead in Lake Mary

36-year-old man found dead in Lake Mary

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA: The investigating officers of the murder-suicide incident which occurred in Titusville at the Forest Park apartments located at rock pit road confirmed that Lorenzo Juan Bradley, 36, of Sanford was found dead followed by an apparent gunshot.

“The leading investigators of the case have confirmed Prescott Eric Lillie Jr., 35, of Titusville to be guilty who also happened to lock himself in a nearby apartment upon fleeing the crime scene immediately after”.

With a tactical entrance to the apartment by the SWAT team, the gunman Lillie Jr. was found dead with a willful wound by a gunshot.

No more details are available at the moment. The case officers yearn anyone in possession of information to contact police at (321) 264-7800 or to inform anonymously contact at 1-800-423 TIPS (8477) and support the ongoing investigations.

3 injured in a early morning crash in Lake Mary

 in a early morning crash in Lake Mary

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA: The Seminole Fire Rescue said a crash that happened in the early morning on Friday on Interstate 4 left 3 injured.

Records show the crash took place around 4 a.m. It was a two-vehicle crash. Authorities said one of the people was possibly ejected.

The victims were rushed into the hospital. According to the crash report, one of the victims was taken to the hospital as a trauma alert.

One of the victims suffered less serious injuries. The reports say the third victim allegedly denied to take medical help in spite of the advice of rescue workers.

Officials were collecting evidence at the scene, so the two right lanes of I-4 were blocked.

The identity of the victims has not been released. No more information is available at the moment.

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