10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World

Youtube has been one of the emerging platforms for many young talents. Either for a very young kid or aged people, YouTube gives the spotlight to every talent. People have built an empire through Youtube. Here are the 10 millionaires Youtubers who have marked a place in the Youtube world;


Millionaire YouTubers


Ryan Kaji: Do you remember what you used to so when you were 9? Probably checking how your refrigerator light turns off while closing it’s door slowly, right? This Nine-year-old kid Rayn KAji is able to live a millionaire life at a very early age. He runs a children’s Youtube channel, under the name Ryan’s World, which has gained subscribers around 26 Million. This amazing kid’s estimated net worth is around $100 million.

10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 1

Dude Perfect: Former college roommates at Texas A&M University grouped together to build the astonishing youtube channel. Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney run channel named Dude Perfect where they post about sports entertainment comedy trick shots. Their content consists of videos depicting various trick shots and stunts. Their youtube channel has subscribers around 53 Million. Dude Perfect’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $20 million.

10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 2


Nastya: Russian-American YouTuber Nastya also known as Like Nastya is the second-highest-paid child YouTuber. According to Forbes, she is “one of the world’s fastest-growing creators, thanks to videos in seven languages”. Her youtube channel is about her daily life rather than toy reviews unlike Ryan’s. Her channel “Like Nastya Show” has subscribers around 32Million. Her estimated annual income of $18 million.

10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 3


Jeffree Star: Jeffree Star is an American YouTuber. Though Youtube is not only the platform where he earns money. He is an entrepreneur, makeup artist, singer, and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Star earned around $18 million alone from the youtube in 2018. His youtube channel has a subscriber of 17million. His contents are about makeup and its reviews.


10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 4

DanTDM: Sitting in front of a computer and spending hours playing games is taken as a waste of time in today’s world. Daniel Middleton AKA DanTDM has proved it wrong! Starting his channel in 2012, Daniel has earned 23 million subscribers. His contents are of video games including Minecraft, Roblox, and Pokémon. His earning is around $16.5 million.

10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 5

PewDiePie: PewDiePie has ruled YouTube World. He is the most subscribed Youtuber in this list with 106 million subscribers, a big number, right? England-based Swedish YouTuber started his career with Let’s Play videos. His content consists of comedy, commentaries, and vlogs. PewDiePie’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million.


10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 6

VanossGaming: Canadian internet personality Evan Fong also known as VanossGaming is one of the sensational Youtuber. He posts content about video game commentaries and also produces music. However, Fong was not introduced to many video games at a very early age but his career on youtube is inspirational. He has 25 million subscribers on VanossGaming. His estimated earning is $15.5 million.


10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 7

Logan Paul: Logan Paul is known for his sense of humor and comedy video. Starting his career in 2013, he has earned a huge following till the date. He gained popularity at the very first by posting sketches on Vine, a video-sharing app. He has 22million subscribers under the name Logan Paul. However, Paul has other channels too like TheOfficialLoganPaul. His net worth is around $19 million.

10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 8

Markiplier: Mark Edward Fischbach, American Youtuber is also known as Markiplier is known for his playthroughs of indie and horror games. He posted sketch comedy on a variety of characters in his early career. Markiplier has around 26.8 million subscribers. His videos contain vulgar language but he has entertained his audience in a great way. His earnings are estimated to be $13 million.

10 Millionaire YouTubers of the World 9

Jake Paul: American YouTuber Jake Paul has gone through many controversies in his career. People love his music and content. He has great turns in his career. He is one of the successful YouTuber and has around 20 Million subscribers. His estimated net worth is around $11.5 million.




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