Tyree Parker arrested for killing Caroline Schollaert || Jacksonville News

Tyree Parker arrested for killing Caroline Schollaert

Jacksonville News

Jacksonville, Fl. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office that today a man was arrested in connection with the murder of an active-duty US Coast Guard member named Caroline Schollaert last week in the city’s Riverside neighborhood.

22-year-old Tyree Parker is charged with second-degree murder.

Parker is accused of shooting 27-year-old Carolyn Schollaert at her Riverside home after she caught Parker stealing her car in the early hours of August 3.

JSO said Schollaert was on the phone with 911 dispatchers when she confronted Parker at gunpoint.

Parker—who JSO said fired several shots at Schollaert —and fled the scene before officers arrived.

Schollaert was an active member of the US Coast Guard assigned to the helicopter interdiction tactical squadron, or “hitron”, here in Jacksonville.

According to court documents, Parker was arrested in April 2021 for assault against a woman. He has now been charged with second-degree murder, but JSO said more charges are likely.

“I feel it is necessary to advise the public that the firearm used by the suspect in this murder was stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the same neighborhood exactly 11 days before the incident. So what was originally a crime of opportunity in a burglary of a vehicle escalated within in seconds, resulting in the violent killing of a woman who dedicated her life to serving her country”, said the Chief of Investigation TK Waters, who said other charges are pending.

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1 shot, 1 stabbed in violent altercation in Jacksonville

Violent altercation leads to 1 shot, 1 stabbed in Jacksonville

Jacksonville News

Jacksonville, Fl. – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is asking people for information about a violent altercation that left one man stabbed and another shot in the Arlington neighborhood of Jacksonville Thursday night for coming forward.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said a group of people were outside a residence near Free Avenue and Lamson Street before the violence began at 8:15. The spokesperson did not say what caused the escalation, but it is not clear whether investigators are aware.

He said a male victim was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition with at least one gunshot wound. Another man, who police did not describe as a victim, was also taken to hospital for multiple wounds but is expected to make a full recovery.

The Sheriff’s Office said there were no outstanding suspects at the time the media was briefed, just before 11 p.m. Thursday. No more information was released.

Anyone with information on what happened is asked to please contact by police at jsocrimetips@jaxsheriff.org, (904) 630-0500 or through CrimeStoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS to remain anonymous.

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Dr. Leon Haley- CEO of UF Health Jacksonville died || Jacksonville News

UF Health Jacksonville Hospital CEO Dr. Leon L. Haley Jr. Died

Jacksonville News

Jacksonville, Florida – Dr. Leon Haley, 56, CEO of UF Health Jacksonville, died in a personal watercraft accident.

It is very hard to announce that 56 years old, Dr. Leon Haley – CEO of UF Health Jacksonville is no more. He was highly praised for his key role in the city’s COVID-19 response. Died suddenly on Saturday. 

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is investigating the accident, Dr. Leon Haley died after being pulled from a private watercraft in Palm Beach Inlet. According to the commission, he was “located in the water wearing a life jacket” and was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in West Palm Beach, but died from his injuries.

The day before his death, he held a conference call with elected officials and community leaders in Jacksonville, explaining that the current wave of COVID-19 cases is showing no signs of breaking.

Dr. Leon Haley had a daughter, Nichelle, and two sons, Wesley and Grant, the latter is a cornerback for the New Orleans Saints.

Here’s the full statement from FWC:

“Dr. Haley was such an incredible leader and colleague to all of us at UF Health, but he was also a good friend to so many, an amazing advocate for equality in health care and most importantly a man of integrity who always wanted to do the right thing,” said David R. Nelson, senior vice president for health affairs and president of UF Health. “This is not only a tremendous loss to Dr. Haley’s family, friends and the people he led at UF, but also to our communities in North Florida and elsewhere around the country. His leadership and friendship will be missed, but we will come together and continue his vision.”

Andrew Schmidt, an emergency medicine physician at UF Health Jacksonville, said Dr. Haley was a “true rock star doctor”.

Chad Nielsen, director of infection prevention at UF Health Jacksonville, said on Twitter: “Dr. Haley was an amazing leader and a friend. Her absence will be deeply felt, especially as our hospital grapples with the growth of COVID.”

“I … always felt bad for other hospitals because they didn’t have a man like Leon Haley,” he wrote on Facebook. “While most systems are being run primarily as a business and secondly as a place of care, Dr. Haley … really gave a damn about the health of the community and the hospital’s focus on high quality care. be focused.

“You would be very hard-pressed to find another hospital CEO who spent more and more time in the emergency department, helping to get to know staff and educating residents. With the disconnect that many medical professionals are in the ‘C Suite’ and people Really feel in between. Providing care, that was our secret weapon,” Schmidt said. “Our city, despite its continuing issues with controlling COVID, is deeply indebted to Dr. Leon Haley for putting the issues of infection control and vaccination at the fore.”

Even those who only saw his work were impressed.

“I’ve never had the opportunity to meet this man,” Winston A. Seabrooks said on Twitter, “But… to be a young man growing up in this city and seeing a well-educated black man leading the state’s top trauma hospital exemplify leadership the way he did. That was enough for me to see and note what should happen.”

Dr. Leon Haley first joined UF Health Jacksonville in January 2017 as dean of the University of Florida College of Medicine-Jacksonville. David Guzick, then-UF Health president, told the search committee that he wanted to “walk on a man’s water”. Dean post.

When Dr. Haley was made CEO a year later, Guzick said, “Dr. Haley embodies all these qualities … In less than a year, she has brought such positive energy and expertise to the college that we Felt it made perfect sense for him to lead this great organization, a model that many other academic health centers have structured.”

CEO of UF Health Jacksonville Dr. Haley moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville, where he was executive associate dean of the Emory School of Medicine and deputy senior vice president of medical affairs at Grady Memorial Hospital. Like UF Health Jacksonville, Grady’s is both an academic center and a safety-mesh hospital.

A native of Pittsburgh, Haley earned her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Growing up, he told Times-Union in 2017, he wanted to become an orthopedic surgeon. But he decided that his personality was better suited to be an emergency doctor.

“I like the unknown, I like the variety of it,” he said. “Every innings was a new day.”

He received a master’s degree in health administration from the University of Michigan and completed his residency in emergency medicine at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, before being admitted to the Grady Memorial as chief of emergency medicine.

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Amanda Guthrie s motion has been denied in the killing of Ayva Guthrie in Jacksonville by judge

Avya guthrie jacksonville

Jacksonville Fla. – A judge on Tuesday denied the motion to dismiss charges against Jacksonville mother Amanda Guthrie accused of killing her 14-year-old daughter Ayva Guthrie.

Amanda Guthrie, 34, is facing denial as judge refuses to dismiss charges of shooting her daughter (Avya) in Jacksonville

Amanda Guthrie was arrested on 19 January for shooting her daughter in the head at her home in the Arlington area. She is under house arrest while awaiting trial for her daughter’s death. 

She was bonded out of jail when her daughter’s condition was critical and forensic experts said it was an accidental shooting. But she was arrested again when the girl died. 

She has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of grievous murder of her daughter, shooting deadly missiles, and possessing armed marijuana, court records show.

In a police interview, she said that her daughter was playing with a 9mm handgun. And when she asked the girl to hand over the gun to the mother, it discharged, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The motion filed seeks to dismiss charges of aggravated murder against a child under the age of 18 as well as an attempt to shoot or throw lethal missiles at a home.

Guthrie has also been charged with child neglect and armed possession of more than 20 grams of marijuana. She has pleaded not guilty.

As per court records, Guthrie’s trial is scheduled to begin on November 8 and till then she will remain in Duval County Jail.

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Motive behind Virginia Rines Murder in Jacksonville

Nathan Matthew Rines Arrested For Virginia RInes MurderJACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police say one of the three children called 911 and they found the woman stabbed to death at her apartment (3500N University Boulevard, Florida) on Friday morning.

Nathan Matthew Rines, 40 years old, is arrested by police and charged with second-degree murder for stabbing his wife to death. The three children found in the room in the Arlington apartment where the incident took place are expected to be okay, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. 

Police say the incident happened around 7 o’clock Friday morning in the apartment located in Treehouse Arlington Apartment Complex, Florida.

JSO says that the dispatch initially got to know about the situation through a 911 call from a child inside the apartment. Police said that when they reached the spot, a woman was found dead with at least one stab wound.

According to the police department, the incident was a domestic dispute between a husband and wife. 

Manya Gerstley, neighbour of the victim, lives in Arlington Apartments, said, “I feel so bad for that family and I can’t put into words how horrible it is.”

She continued with “ It’s just awful as they’re never going to get over that. They’re going to be in the back of their minds for the rest of their lives. They’ll never be the kids they could have been,”

Victim’s neighbor Zach Doyle is also sad for the family but said he is not surprised as the area is not safe. 

Manya Gerstley agrees that the surroundings are not safe and she also feels scared when she has to walk to the car.

Police say two of the three children inside the residence are juveniles and the other is very young. They were taken downtown to JSO headquarters for additional assistance.

Police say that the motive behind the murder is a dispute between husband and wife which turned into domestic violence.

The victim’s sister, Lisa Daniels, said that Virginia Rines (the victim) was an amazing and spiritual person. She said it is hard to believe that Nathan Matthew Rines did this. She also said that her sister’s death will raise awareness about domestic violence.

Anyone having more information related to the incident must contact Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Florida at 904-630-2133. Read more news related to Jacksonville, Florida.

2 shot on Friday morning in Jacksonville

2 shot on Friday morning in Jacksonville 1

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said two persons were injured in a shooting that happened on Friday morning.

According to the reports, the shooting happened at the Park at Avellino apartments.

Police responded to that scene at about 7:15 a.m. and found a person with multiple gunshot injuries.

The victim suffered life threatening injuries. He was transported to the hospital. As per the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, another man was injured when a bullet went through a wall. The reports say the victim suffered non life threatening injuries.

The police said, “At this time we do believe this to be an isolated incident and there appears to be no threat to the public.”

The officials say the second victim was not the target. Authorities say two men fled the scene after firing the gunshots in a red sedan.

Anyone with any information regarding the shooting can contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said at 904-630-0500.

1 shot to death after an argument in Jacksonville

1 shot to death after an argument in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: According to the reports, a shooting that happened on Friday night on Jacksonville’s Westside left one dead.

The shooting happened on Shindler Drive. The reports say the shooting happened after an argument flamed out between some people.

The police said they found victims with a gunshot wound. The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department immediately transported the victim to the hospital. The victim had suffered life threatening injuries. Unfortunately, later he was pronounced dead.

As per the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, they responded to the scene at around 11:55 p.m. and found two men with gunshot wounds. One of the two victims suffered non life threatening injuries. As the wound was not so serious the report says the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department treated the victim at the scene.

There were about 8-10 people at the location. The Homicide and Crime Scene Unit is handling the investigation.

Authorities say the suspect fired a gunshot after the argument. The shot injured two of the people and the suspect fled the scene before authorities arrived at the scene.

Anyone with information about the shooting is requested to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office at (904) 630-0500.




Motorcyclist killed in a crash on Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville

a crash on Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: According to the recently released reports, a crash that happened on Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville left one dead.

The Florida Highway Patrol said a motorcycle and another vehicle collided on a stretch of Lem Turner west of Jacksonville International Airport. After the crash at about 3 pm, the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Despartment responded to the accident.

The crash reports say the person in the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities said there were multiple injuries in the crash. However, information regarding exactly how many people were hurt has not released.

The identity of the victims has not been released yet. A traffic homicide investigation was going on at the scene. Therefore, there was a block off in the roadway.

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