Top 5 Essential iPhone X Tips And Tricks.

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The iPhone X users in a new era with new gestures to control all displays, notes, face recognition, animoji, and everything. You may be confused about how to do things without a home button and you will find that many features have been moved around. You have your shiny new iPhone X. It’s the phone of the future today! You’ve set it all up and even picked up a few new iPhone X-optimized games.

Now is the time to take your iPhone X expertise to the next level. When the iPhone X was launched by Apple, it was another piece of technology, but it changed a lot about how the iPhone works. If you switch from an older iPhone to this version, you will notice that there are some changes that you can recognize.

Adapting to your iPhone X is easy when you learn a few tips and tricks to navigate the system. These tips will help you work through some interfaces and point out features you may not be familiar with. So here I have gathered a list of Top 5 Essential iPhone X Tips And Tricks. Without further discussions, Let’s move into the article.

Show battery percentage.

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For those switching from the old iPhone to the iPhone X, you will see that the battery percentage no longer appears at the top of the display. You can not configure it and it will appear on the home screen, you can see it by swiping to the right of the location where the control center is located.

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How to use reachability to access apps.

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The iPhone X 5.8-inch display makes it difficult for small hands to access certain apps and content. Don’t worry, Apple’s recycling feature lets you drag and drop app icons at the top of the screen so they can be reached. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Reactivity and toggle the feature.

To use the old iPhone model reactivity like the iPhone 8 Plus, you have to double-tap the Home button. With the iPhone X’s recycling feature, you can access apps by switching to the horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen. To bring them back to their normal position, push them about an inch above the bar or tap anywhere in the scene.


How to force close open apps.

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It’s easy to force close apps on the iPhone X. All you have to do is swipe from the bottom to the top of the display, just as you would like to see which apps are open. Once you see the alignment, swipe left or right to select and swipe on the specific app you want to close, then it will disappear from the stock.


Open the App Switcher like a pro.

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Now that there is no home button, you need to learn a new set of gestures, and opening the app switcher can be tricky. Apple tells you to swipe from the gesture bar to the center of the screen, then wait until the app switch appears when you feel a slight shock. This is not only slow but difficult to pull. Instead, push an arc to the right or left (if you are a lefty)


How to activate Siri.

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On the right side of the iPhone X, there is a long power button – we started calling it the “lock” button because its primary use is no longer to deactivate your phone. You can activate Siri by pressing the lock button on the right for a few seconds. And the voice assistant will appear, ready to answer any question or follow any command. If you want to exit Siri, press the lock button again.

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