Top 10 Hidden Tips And Tricks On iPhone Camera

Top 10 Hidden Tips And Tricks On iPhone Camera 1
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Want to take better pictures with your iPhone? Learn the Hidden tips and tricks in the iPhone Camera. No one has told you about it and it makes your photos look great from the get-go! It seems crazy to all of us that these expensive iPhones have awesome cameras. Why do only a few professionals know how to use them? Well, I’m here to change that.

Through research, I have discovered the Top 10 Hidden Tips And Tricks On iPhone Camera. I can’t wait to share them with you. First of all, they are very easy to start using immediately. Second, they are available not only on the latest versions but on all iPhones. It’s time for us all to take better pictures.

Are you using an iPhone? Some iPhone camera settings are very well hidden and you may not know they exist. But once you find them, you can take your photography to a whole new level. Read on to find the Top 10 Hidden Tips And Tricks On iPhone Camera that dramatically enhance your photos, and give you the ultimate control over your iPhone camera.

Swipe to Quick Access to Your iPhone Camera.

Top 10 Hidden Tips And Tricks On iPhone Camera 2
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Some of you may already know. This can be crucial when shooting aggressively or seizing unexpected opportunities. By entering your passcode you will avoid shooting the time it takes to open the regular route. Touch the Home button to “wake up” your phone. Then grab the “Camera Grabber” icon at the bottom and push it up. It opens directly to your camera.

Set Focus and Set Exposure.

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Tap the screen to manually tell your camera where to focus. How could I not know this? This is very important. You can control what you want to focus on by tapping the screen and telling your camera where to focus. Now that you’ve focused, you can adjust the exposure manually by sliding your finger up or down on the screen.


Lock Focus and Exposure.

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Now you have taken some time to adjust the focus and exposure. But as soon as you take that one photo those settings disappear and your camera goes back to any setting. You may want to take one or two or more of these photos. You do not have to repeat this every time. So set your focus and exposure to lock. Instead of releasing the photo, hold it for a few seconds as you tap to start the process. The text will then appear in “AE / AF LOCK”. When you’re done, tap the screen again to unlock it.


Use a Hardware Shutter.

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You can use the physical volume buttons on the side of your iPhone to shoot rather than the big screen button If you’re holding the phone at a weird angle, this’s easy – but this should control the row volume on the headphones (including the bundles) cable. Photographers use something like this with a large fancy SLR, especially as a way to reduce camera shake; You can shake the camera at any time by pressing a button on the real or screen, so by shooting with a button on a cable, I’m completely eliminating that shake with the camera, which is usually placed in a triangle.

Use Burst Mode.

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Burst mode is very useful for moving subjects. Tap and hold your finger on the shutter button, you will create a photo blast which is a fast photo collection. It’s great when you’re trying to get the time right. This guesses when the shutter should be pushed down. Then, at the top of the burst gallery, you can select the best ones and discard the rest. This way your photo gallery will not be filled with your burst photos.

The Self-timer.

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iPhones also have an auto-timer, one for every two seconds – another below – for 10 seconds, then the shutter-back shot should have then you think it fired shots. You can propel your iPhone for these, but if shooting is important, consider a tripod for more control and better results.


Reduce Camera Shake.

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Things have improved dramatically, but the iPhone can still struggle with low light, such as in the evening or indoors. Excessive exposure will often be needed to compensate for the low light, so the display will be a bit more fragrant if you do not fully hold your iPhone. You can reduce the shaking of the camera. As far as moving: Pushing your body against a vertical surface, placing your elbow on a low wall or holding your iPhone with both hands, and sticking your elbow into your body.


Take Shots in HDR.

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If you have an iPhone with a very small capacity but it has HDR shooting capability, not only enable that feature (or set it automatically, the iPhone decides when to use it) but also enable the Save Settings> Photos and Camera option. There is also the original shooting. This way you can take advantage of high dynamic range photos – it blends three different exposures in one scene so you can still see details of very bright and dark areas – but there is also a regular, non-HDR version where HDR shots are a bit flatter or a little more special Because it is possible. Basically, you have options this way.


Use Filters.

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Filters that you can apply when you take a photo look for the three overlapping icons on the bottom right that means the effect is permanently “shot”, but it’s not. Although it looks like a filter when viewing your photo in your camera roll, your iPhone is actually saved with an unprecedented photo and an invisible tag. It says “Flip the filter when it shows up.”


Use Gridlines for Perfect Composition.

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Dividing the frame into a 3 x 3 grid, the one-third rule shows where to place your subject in the photo. This guide is easy to follow, but what if you can’t imagine the lines in your head? The good news is, you can access the GridLine feature as one of the iPhone camera settings. Go to Settings on your iPhone, select the Camera tab and enable the Grid feature. Once you enable the mode, the gridline will appear on the screen right in front of the view you want to take a photo of.


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