9 year old bitten by a shark on his shoulder while body surfing in Miami Beach

9 year old bitten by a shark on his shoulder
A 9-year-old boy of Minnesota

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA- According to the news, a 9-year-old boy of Minnesota was reported to have been bitten by a shark while he was out body surfing in Miami Beach.

Kristine Weiskopf, the boy’s mother said that both she and her son were just in water for a few minutes before the shark bit the boy.

She said, “I was holding his hand the whole time and was kind of body surfing a little bit and he had fallen on his stomach.” Mom said she pulled him out instantly only to see a chunk of flesh missing from his son’s shoulder.

According to Weiskopf, she saw a 4-foot grey shark that was swimming away upon scooping up from her son’s shoulder.

The child was taken to the hospital by the Miami Beach fire rescue where the wound was closed by surgeons.

Child’s father, Ren Weiskopf said, “He’s such a great kid, and we are still in shock. But thankful. We thank god that it didn’t cost his life.’