5 people shot outside Gainesville food store.


GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Five people were shot outside the 8th Avenue Food Store on Gainesville’s eastside, and police are investigating.

Tyeric Simmons, 23, has died, according to family members who spoke to News4Jax. We’re trying to find out what happened to the other four people that were hurt.

Witnesses witnessed an SUV pull up outside the business at 10 p.m. and fire rounds into a group of individuals, according to Gainesville Police Department spokesperson Graham Glover. On NE 8th Avenue, the driver sped away.

The motivation for the shooting has yet to be revealed, however police have described the victims as innocent persons.

“This is a tragic situation. “Anytime you see violence like this in Gainesville, it tears the hearts of anyone who loves this place, who loves the inhabitants, and who is really pleased to be a part of this beautiful community,” Glover added.

Anyone with information regarding this event is requested to phone 352-393-7710 to notify the police department. If you call Alachua County Crime Stoppers at 352-372-7867, you can remain anonymous.

People we spoke with in the region are frightened of retaliation if they go on camera. Across the street from the store, a woman who runs a child care center chose to close for the day.

2 murders happened at East Gainesville car wash

2 murders happened at East Gainesville car wash 1


GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA: As per Dean Cheshire, “There is an increase in crime in the area, and the City’s own data reveals it. I can only speak to what I see. I see a spike in crime in the area. I can also only speak to what I don’t see: I don’t see the city taking further action to end the trend.” Cheshire mentioned this in an email.

“We appreciate GPD efforts to solve the major crimes that are occurring in the area, but it is our sincere hope to instead deter and prevent crimes from happening in the first place. Those I talk to in the area agree that something has to be done.”

There are two murders that happened in Gainesville this year. According to the source, both happened at Dean Cheshire’s business, the Swamp Car Wash on East University Avenue and Ninth Street.

“One of our issues is responsible management. You have folks who own these properties, and incidents are occurring when crowds are gathering, all throughout the night, and there is no one there to tell them they’re trespassing or putting up fencing,” Assistant Chief Lonnie Scott said. “All of the businesses in that area need to be more responsible. Lighting. Chain it off. (Cheshire) put a fence up recently, which we think is a good move.”


3 arrested in a gang fight in Gainesville

3 arrested in a gang fight in Gainesville 2

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA: According to the recently released reports, a gang fight between rival groups resulted in the arrest of three people. The police source says 3 members of SUR-13 gang were arrested. A 16 year old has suffered injuries from the stabbing.

18 year old Rafael Munoz, 17 year old Hector Rodriguez along a juvenile, whose identity has not been released, were arrested on Wednesday from Gainesville.

The arrest reports say the members were charged with aggravated assault, affray, and violation of the street gang and terrorism act. The gang fight happened in the parking lot of a restaurant and bar. The source confirms the restaurant is located at 1830 Atlanta Highway.

The 16 year old victim is a member of the Laonda gang, says the report. The victim has suffered injuries in the arm. Officials confirmed the victim was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center. The medical reports state the victim’s injury is non-life-threatening.

The arrested members are booked in the Hall County Jail.





20-year-old man arrested after he threatened to kill his co-workers in Gainesville

20-year-old man arrested after he threatened to kill his co-workers in Gainesville 3

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA: Police say a 20 year old man was arrested in the evening on Friday. The man was identified as Jaylon Oliver from Gainesville.

As per the reports, Oliver threatened to kill his co-workers. The investigation report shows Oliver pulled a loaded gun to his former co-workers.

Oliver worked at Builders Air. In order to ask for his paycheck, Oliver went to his job on Friday. Witnesses say he then began to threaten people at the shop with a loaded gun. Officials say Oliver threatened three people.

The officials confirmed Oliver is currently booked at Alachua County Jail. No more information has been released at the moment. The investigation is ongoing.

Stay updated for more info.


26-year-old man arrested on 53 counts in child pornography in Gainesville

on 53 counts in child pornography in Gainesville

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA: According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, a 26-year-old man was arrested Thursday morning on charges related to child pornography.

The reports say cyber-tip information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was provided to the Sheriff’s Office. A search warrant was issued and the search operation has executed in the apartment of Dominic Longo.

Records say two gadgets were recovered that contained files of child pornography. As per the arrest reports, 8 of the 53 total files featured infants or toddlers.

Longo is facing charges of 4 counts of transmitting child pornography electronically and 53 counts of possession of child pornography. He is being held without bond at the Alachua County Jail.

No more information has been released.


3-month-old baby and a woman shot to death in Gainesville

Deputies said a shooting happened Friday afternoon in a Northeast Gainesville neighborhood.

her infant child shot to death in Gainesville

Police found a man firing at a woman and baby. Records say a mother and her infant child found in the yard of a home on Northeast 17th Drive had life-threatening injuries. The victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Two other children, ages 3 and 5, were found hiding under a bed.

The man was taken into custody. “The individual who perpetuated who created this violence, who shot these two individuals is in police custody,” Public Information Officer Graham Glover said. “So our neighbors can go to bed tonight knowing that that person is with GPD being interviewed and he is off the streets.”

No more details have not been released. Stay Updated!

UPDATE: The man identified as Kivi J. Ellis, 26, is charged with 2 counts of homicide and 1 count of attempted homicide. Police said a neighbor was also shot at but not struck.