UCF’s footballers hit by Covid-19: Tested Positive

UCF Football team players

UCF confirms 3 knights tested positive for Coronavirus:

On Tuesday, the University of Central Florida confirmed that three of their football team players have tested positive for the Covid-19 Coronavirus. It happened when the players returned to the campus for the voluntary workouts. Having said that, the management has isolated the players who were tested positive and therefore the school officials have told that the program’s safety protocol regarding Covid-19 is properly working.

On June 1st, around 60 football players were tested for the Covid-19 when they returned to the campus. It was Tuesday, 9th June 2020 when the University announced their 3 football players to be tested positive. They are in isolation for 2 weeks now and are being well monitored.


UCF’s Response and the statement:

University’s response regarding the issue has been prompt. Athletics director Danny White stated in a news release:

“Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our student-athelets,”

“We will do everything necessary to support student-athelets under our care on campus.”

The athletics director further stated:

“Our plans and protocols are working. We will continue working through our medical processes, as this initial testing phase allow us to respond appropriately.”


Further Details:

UCF has stated that the knights who were tested positive, will no more participate in further activities and will be in isolation. However, after the period of quarantine ends, the players would be re-tested and if tested negative, they may resume their activities.

UCF Football team. Knights

The players, even though they have been tested positive, other players on the campus will be working through and would continue their workouts.

For further details follow the UCF: https://www.ucf.edu/