Florida Pastor sued over fake porn images aimed at teenage girl

According to a recently released new report, a Florida pastor is being sued by a teenager who claims fake pornographic images of her were posted online from a computer in the pastor’s home. Records show the lawsuit is against Pastor Jason B. Lane and his church, the Skyway Community Chapel.


Manatee County Sheriff’s Office could not produce enough evidence for criminal charges so the lawsuit was filed. Records show authorities could not establish who actually posted the images on the computer in the pastor’s house because multiple people had access to the internet address.

As per the lawsuit, the girl was threatened with blackmail if she did not provide real nude photos of herself and later sent the doctored images of her to others at her high school. The complaint that is stated describes that the victim girl has been prescribed antidepressants and antianxiety medication for psychiatric care.

The investigation is ongoing. Stay Updated!


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