Florida mom is in coma after being attacked in Daytona

A Florida mom is severely injured who visited Daytona Beach for her son’s wedding. Police say her husband and other members of the wedding party got caught in the middle of a fight.

Mom in coma

The injured mom is still in the hospital and is in critical condition. She is said to have a brain bleed and severe injuries to her skull.

“Just a random act she had nothing to do with what was going on she was just trying to go back to her hotel room,” said Captain Jennifer Krosschell.

The person who punched the woman is known to be a white man, as per the police reports. The suspect, 6 feet tall, ran from the scene and got into the passenger side of a white truck. Investigators released surveillance video from that night, saying bars in the mainstream region had quite recently shut as individuals went out into the roads.

Captain Krosschell added that “we need a witness to come forward that maybe has that video or has seen that video they can share with us.”

Though the surveillance video, they have doesn’t clearly show the fight or those involved, it does show a lot of people watching and many recording it.

To help in the investigation, you can contact Detective Troy Belden at 386-671-5246.


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